Monday, March 7, 2016

When you are invited to VIP charity event but you are too lazy to go but he is your neighbour and your dad's friend so he can easily know stuff and you are on midterm holiday so you don't have assistant to replace you------ and you have to go because you have a contract binded until the planned event done.
Do you understand how its feel?
To anyone who actually say "Untunglah jadi Ketua Program", I am giving you the opportunity to replace me and fill my attendance. 
All you have to do is smile. Mind your manner because your are representing your team, your stupid awful college so you cannot add more trash-titude after being called as trash. Well, just kidding.
But I dislike my college. Srsly.
Ohyes, I can say NO. It's okay. But not after he had called my dad to propose my attendance.
Yeah, fuck me too because didn't keep the professionalism everywhere.
(I purposely skip meeting on Sunday. Hm.)
Plus, everybody is enjoying their holiday. I have plan for business and things happened. Assignments really get in a place. I cannot get my head on game. Basically, just tired.
Sometimes I need someone to talk, to share my problems without having trust issue... Yeah, I have God. I know. God is enough, they told me.
I also need a feedback from conversation. I talked to God too but then I wish I could have someone to trust too.
Lets not play God. I really get annoyed with people who depends on God without working on their prayer. Then you blame God for it. Funny creature.
Geez...enough rants. I will be staying away from Net for couple of days... don't know.
Kinda lose myself in process of creating my persona.


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