Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Me and my determination. My dream. My vision.
Flush it all inside the toilet bowl.


Friday, November 13, 2015

I often say "Be patience. Don't give up."
It was meant for me. Your doubt brings fear to me...


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cashflow Rich Dad! Lesson learnt~

Lesson learnt from Cashflow~

> The most effective business is mind your own business.
When I failed to invest my money, people keep giving advice BASED ON how they foresee my amount of cash. As the youngest, of course I will listen to them because they have more experiences. But in the meantime, their advice is one of factor of my loss.

They know my cash, but they don't know my cashflow!
They know my cash, but they don't know my dream. We have one dream to achieve with different amount to earn but we all have one goal: to get out from Rat Race

After losing 2K in first round for my first time buying stocks, I realize how the game started. Then I look at everyone. They have experiences in buying stocks while I am not. I did investing before but ASB doesn't give me much profit because I DIDN'T LEARN HOW TO INVEST. 
From this game, from my failure, I learnt my mistake.

Within two hours, I manage to raise my cash from $2,080 to $40,220 with balance 500 unit in stock investment. Just imagine how wonderful my life could be IF real life-investment as easy as Cashflow!
From the quote and from players so-called-concern la kan~ hello, when it comes to earning money, NO ONE WILL HELP YOU. I am afraid of business partnership because of WHAT MY DAD'S PARTNER DID TO HIM. Thanks Lord for that I have consideration to learn more about financial and business.

>You see opportunity, you grab it
During first round, we get the chance to invest $1 for 1 unit. Everybody were freaked out and quickly calculating their money. I'm a logical-thinking person. I've been thinking what kind of profit could I earn from it.

Come on la. I joined business long time ago as part of office management, not financial management. I heard stock, I heard investment, PO, but I'm not friend of them. I have zero knowledge in finance.

So, one of our team member invest all his money for the stock. That's hella serious freaking idiot but he's freaking genius! He used all his money for $1 unit stock and when the stock raised to $30, he sold them all for $37,450!! Within 15 minutes, he earned that hella lots of money! Gila tak??! GILA LA! Portfolio isn't important in the game but the cash statement does.
This same goes as 
> There is no high risk. Risk is everywhere. Either you dare to accept the challenge or dare to dream.

>Be quick! Don't procrastinate!
(This is tough. I am supposed to start my business plan after examination but until now, I am afraid to do so. I'm afraid of failure. I'm afraid of standing in crowd. I really had a hard time on myself, actually. I want to hire someone to do it on my behalf but what's the point? I want to have my own business but then, I am so afraid to take the first step.
So yes, I envying people who have strong determination and courage to steps ahead. I can't do things alone. Seriously. I have this kind of nerve. And I also have a strong ego to admit this in public.
What if people dislike me and everything about me?! //cries)
Ohyes, I saw my opportunity but I am lack of consideration. I tend to keep all my cash without considering about passive income.
That's why I couldn't find a life partner.
I keep foreseeing their outcome. I keep thinking what if and what if, to the extend I forget every little value of life. I've seen divorces and betrayals more than real marriage with strong love, (whatever, it doesn't exist in current age)

::Seek knowledge from expert. Do observe them.::

::Action speaks louder than word::
This. I got angry after the second round incident so I observed each of their moves before planning mine. This time, I keep everything silently and I made my move. When you speak, you tend to tell. When you listen, you tend to learn.
One advice, 
::Never tell anyone about your money::

Okay, I shouldn't post this since it's violating my principle "To earn before tell"
It is a shame if I share my experience but I earn nothing from it. Moreover, with my current condition, I'm pretty sure this plan will takes a lot of time.
In study, I dare to do more than expected because I was trained to be a good student. School trained me to be a good citizen but no one train me to be good in financial.
I've seen a lot of failures which makes me want to avoid it all. To avoid it, I have to be what they can't be. This time, it just about myself.

[To overcome fear, is the toughest battle in world.]