Sunday, May 24, 2015

One thing about me is [I don't share my sadness with close people]
Because [I don't want them to get worried.]

Usually I will tell my family that I feel upset because of this and this but no one should know details. [I learnt that people will listen to us but will never understand us so I've stopped telling much stories.]

I have always wanted friends who I know will be there. I mean, they don't have to be around when I'm in trouble. Just... having friends who I can hug and cries in joy because of the absence years.
Having friends who I know will never take me for granted.
Having friends who makes me feel secure.

But, things have price to pay.
Friends want times. I don't have times to hangout. I am not rich but I am not able to go out without reasons. Even for just meet a friend... my parents won't allow that.
Yes, age doesn't define my freedom.
Yes, that's why I like staying outside. Having curfew in such age is really a funny thing.