Monday, March 9, 2015

Sometimes, when I meet the kind of people, the broken people, I just . . . want to hug them.

Hug them so they can feel the presence of care and love.

Words won't work on them. They heard a lot of words.
"Be strong." ,
"Be patience",
----but nobody ever show how.

It's okay if they cry. It's okay if we just embrace together in silence.

As long as they feel the presence of care...
As long as they know someone has been there....and survived...
As long as they feel secure....even for 10 minutes...
Yes, as long as they can ease their guard...

We just want to know comfort zone. We just want to be safe.

These people have been strong. They tried to be like others. They wondered how people hide their emotions. They wondered if others feel the pain they feel.
Depression can kill. Yes.

Be ready to sacrifice your negative thoughts. Be ready to replace with positive thoughts.

Prepare your ears for the best of words, teach your eras to repel the worst of words.

Pretty or ugly, confidence comes when you believe in yourself. People can say whatever they want, even in good or bad, as long as we believe in ourselves, keep holding to it.

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