Friday, March 6, 2015

If you ask me the thing I fear, I will say....[FRIENDSHIP]

Friendship is both a bless and curse.
Today, you're a friend. Tomorrow, each of you learn a mistake. The day after, you're a stranger.

I can't recall how many biographies or stories that show a friend stabbing another.
When the person smiles at the one he called friend, the friend quietly stabs him with poison needle.
Then the friend walk away....leaving the person suffers the pain....with two choices.
To accept the fact that he is betrayed.
Or to revenge.

Less people decide to pay the debt. Because they love the person. It hurts. We're dying. But, the love is too strong that we cannot do the same to the friend.

Some people cured from the poison.
Some people died from tasting it.

I couldn't (or, wouldn't) recall the memories of betrayal.

I believe in friendship. I held strong to loyalty. I believe that we're friends until forever.

Maybe it is my fault for believing.

Thus, each days, I kill my emotion. I forced myself to survive. I tortured myself to live alone. Stop depending on others.

Cutting ties from people.
Maintain in low level.
Could not express anything on friendship.

I love the taste of friendship.
But I've died for several the name of friendship.

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