Saturday, March 7, 2015

As a future teacher, yes, I have few dialogues in my mind that my students will ask.

'I Wonder by Jeannie Kirby'

"Teacher, how can we know wind when we cannot see it?"

Some things are meant to feel. Although we cannot see it, but we can feel it.

"How to feel the wind?"

It surrounds you now, darling. It keeps the room comfy. Whenever the wind blows, you will feel chill. When the wind roams calmly, you will feel warm. But when the wind does not blow, you will feel hot. The wind is made to feel because we cannot see it.

Can you feel love?


Then how do you know your mother loves you?

"She cooks for me and prepares me to school."

How do you it is love?

"Because she take care of me. I can feel it!"

See? Some things are meant to be feel. 

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