Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sometimes I feel regret for letting go the position.
I feel stupid for letting it go because it might harms my free time. I have to sacrifice more for people who will never appreciate my work.
But, now, I feel more stupid to know a dumb, spoiled brat taking over such position, even worse, the candidate of Student Council ? Srsly ?
I often says "When the person who is not suitable for the organization taking over the management, it will erupt to doom someday."
This talk----- and then I let it go and entrusted her to do this job, but she ruins things up... what the hell, girl ? Do I have to talk to you when the President of club cannot even tegur you ? Oh, I guess I have no part in the organization since I am the one who letting it go. And now, I complaint.
I should sign up for the election. But I don't want to hold more burdens. But it hurts me more to see such weak organization------- it's not like I am great or something but at least, instead of talk, I can do something! -sighs-
"Sometimes the things that you like is not good for you, the things that you hate is not bad for you."
Requoting my dad's words when I complaint about this; "Allah knows what we don't know. He turned your heart to drop down the position. You may say it comes from your heart but when it happened, there should be fair in certain event. He knows what you don't know. And be patience."
I think it is another way of saying me stupid for letting go then complaint ==;

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