Thursday, February 5, 2015

A little fox went out to play
But found it was a foggy day;
Clouds of gray were hanging low,
Dismal, dark and full of snow.
Ever optimistic soul,
Foxy snacked from his li'l bowl;
Got it from the kitchen shelf.
(He climbed to reach it by himself)
If he couldn’t go outdoors--
Just a thought—he’d shine the floors!
Knowing Mum would be surprised,
Little Foxy winked his eyes;
Mum was sure to ‘preciate
Neatness he would soon create.
Oh, how fast he swished the mop,
Pushing, pulling, wouldn’t stop!
Quit before his job was done?
Really not that kind of son!
Soon the floor began to shine;
Time to sit on his "behind"
Underneath the dining table.
“Valiant!” cried his mother Mabel.
“What a sweet surprise for me;
X-ray the floor -- no dirt you'll see.”
“Yes, Mum, I did it on my own,
Zipped right through 'fore you got home!”
Now every time the weather's gray,
Foxy recalls that foggy day,
when working for a little while
surprised his mum and made her smile;
Instead of moping 'round the den
He mops the floor and "shines" again.

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