Sunday, January 25, 2015

Had an evening drink with mom~
She's been busy lately so we rarely had this kind of talk~ like telling her about college and she will talk about her students~ kinda like lecturer-student session XD
I tell her what student always think and do, then my mom tell me about lecturer's expectation.
So yeah~ I was asked by my lecturer, "Why are you taking this course ?"
I was being honest. Like seriously. "I don't even know."
And everybody were giggled. And I have a very long answer but it requires an effort. But I tell my mom what I exactly want.
"I'm taking a course that I know I can do it and I can be on top while doing what I want. I want to enjoy my life."
If you know me, I was a bookworm. It is all about library, books and study. All about As. I wasn't the best student but used to be on top. I don't remember when did I realize that life is not just about striving all As.
Life is not all about being best student.
Life is content.
Life nowadays isn't like yesterday. Or days before. Everything has changed. Even PMR has no longer exist.
Some people used to call me stupid for choosing this course. Well, I'm not going to be a slave for books. Studying something that makes me depressed and not enjoying my life. I wanna do something--- like everything!
I can do fashion, backpacking, business, counselling and everything while keeping myself at top! I'm not saying English is easy and I'm not saying I'm a master in English writing.
I'm nothing compared to my friends. They are better than me. My cousins are better than me so I have to strive harder. Not many knows that my 4 flat is nothing to my family.
Let see . . . I live only once. I'm not rich bastard who can spend money for vacation. I have spent my school's life with books. So why not ? Explore the society and practicing my knowledge ?
When I get all offers to study abroad, I know I'm doing great. My family should know that. But I choose to live my life. Being moderate, gaji sikit, but it's okay~ I just wanna see the world that some people try to protect.
Mom: If you asked me why am I choosing Nursing, I just gonna say no one in my kin take Nursing. And you're continuing our family's legacy.
Hahaha~ but that isn't my intention~
Not many knows what happened in my life. So do I. I won't bother anyone's life as much as I want for my life. Privacy does matter. It's okay for you to know that I'm not okay, I'm happy or I'm sad. But I just wanna say . . . not everybody are leading a normal life. I'm taking a route which might have a turn back but I will never return the same.
Hopefully I'll be a teacher with stories to tell~ the more experience I gained, the more content I felt.
Because my life is nothing better and nothing worser than others.

Haiiiii mambang study! Mambang grammar! Mambang microteaching! Mambang segala mambang~~~~berdampinglah denganku wahai si mambang!
.....sekali mambang betul datang, bersepah lari pacman emoticon

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