Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Me and my determination. My dream. My vision.
Flush it all inside the toilet bowl.


Friday, November 13, 2015

I often say "Be patience. Don't give up."
It was meant for me. Your doubt brings fear to me...


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cashflow Rich Dad! Lesson learnt~

Lesson learnt from Cashflow~

> The most effective business is mind your own business.
When I failed to invest my money, people keep giving advice BASED ON how they foresee my amount of cash. As the youngest, of course I will listen to them because they have more experiences. But in the meantime, their advice is one of factor of my loss.

They know my cash, but they don't know my cashflow!
They know my cash, but they don't know my dream. We have one dream to achieve with different amount to earn but we all have one goal: to get out from Rat Race

After losing 2K in first round for my first time buying stocks, I realize how the game started. Then I look at everyone. They have experiences in buying stocks while I am not. I did investing before but ASB doesn't give me much profit because I DIDN'T LEARN HOW TO INVEST. 
From this game, from my failure, I learnt my mistake.

Within two hours, I manage to raise my cash from $2,080 to $40,220 with balance 500 unit in stock investment. Just imagine how wonderful my life could be IF real life-investment as easy as Cashflow!
From the quote and from players so-called-concern la kan~ hello, when it comes to earning money, NO ONE WILL HELP YOU. I am afraid of business partnership because of WHAT MY DAD'S PARTNER DID TO HIM. Thanks Lord for that I have consideration to learn more about financial and business.

>You see opportunity, you grab it
During first round, we get the chance to invest $1 for 1 unit. Everybody were freaked out and quickly calculating their money. I'm a logical-thinking person. I've been thinking what kind of profit could I earn from it.

Come on la. I joined business long time ago as part of office management, not financial management. I heard stock, I heard investment, PO, but I'm not friend of them. I have zero knowledge in finance.

So, one of our team member invest all his money for the stock. That's hella serious freaking idiot but he's freaking genius! He used all his money for $1 unit stock and when the stock raised to $30, he sold them all for $37,450!! Within 15 minutes, he earned that hella lots of money! Gila tak??! GILA LA! Portfolio isn't important in the game but the cash statement does.
This same goes as 
> There is no high risk. Risk is everywhere. Either you dare to accept the challenge or dare to dream.

>Be quick! Don't procrastinate!
(This is tough. I am supposed to start my business plan after examination but until now, I am afraid to do so. I'm afraid of failure. I'm afraid of standing in crowd. I really had a hard time on myself, actually. I want to hire someone to do it on my behalf but what's the point? I want to have my own business but then, I am so afraid to take the first step.
So yes, I envying people who have strong determination and courage to steps ahead. I can't do things alone. Seriously. I have this kind of nerve. And I also have a strong ego to admit this in public.
What if people dislike me and everything about me?! //cries)
Ohyes, I saw my opportunity but I am lack of consideration. I tend to keep all my cash without considering about passive income.
That's why I couldn't find a life partner.
I keep foreseeing their outcome. I keep thinking what if and what if, to the extend I forget every little value of life. I've seen divorces and betrayals more than real marriage with strong love, (whatever, it doesn't exist in current age)

::Seek knowledge from expert. Do observe them.::

::Action speaks louder than word::
This. I got angry after the second round incident so I observed each of their moves before planning mine. This time, I keep everything silently and I made my move. When you speak, you tend to tell. When you listen, you tend to learn.
One advice, 
::Never tell anyone about your money::

Okay, I shouldn't post this since it's violating my principle "To earn before tell"
It is a shame if I share my experience but I earn nothing from it. Moreover, with my current condition, I'm pretty sure this plan will takes a lot of time.
In study, I dare to do more than expected because I was trained to be a good student. School trained me to be a good citizen but no one train me to be good in financial.
I've seen a lot of failures which makes me want to avoid it all. To avoid it, I have to be what they can't be. This time, it just about myself.

[To overcome fear, is the toughest battle in world.]

Sunday, May 24, 2015

One thing about me is [I don't share my sadness with close people]
Because [I don't want them to get worried.]

Usually I will tell my family that I feel upset because of this and this but no one should know details. [I learnt that people will listen to us but will never understand us so I've stopped telling much stories.]

I have always wanted friends who I know will be there. I mean, they don't have to be around when I'm in trouble. Just... having friends who I can hug and cries in joy because of the absence years.
Having friends who I know will never take me for granted.
Having friends who makes me feel secure.

But, things have price to pay.
Friends want times. I don't have times to hangout. I am not rich but I am not able to go out without reasons. Even for just meet a friend... my parents won't allow that.
Yes, age doesn't define my freedom.
Yes, that's why I like staying outside. Having curfew in such age is really a funny thing.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Siapa kata saya tak pernah repeat paper ? Pernah hokei!
Siapa kata repeaters ni orang yang gagal ? Bohong sama sekali!
[Orang yang gagal ialah mereka yang berhenti berusaha untuk menjadi lebih baik!]
Lecturer saya pernah cakap;
"Kamu dah gagal. Dah gagal! Benda tu dah jadi. Dah terjadi!
Adakah itu bermaksud kamu tiada peluang untuk perbaiki kesilapan kamu ? Tidak! Sebab itu kita buat kelas tambahan. Sebab itu ada peluang repeat paper. Sebab kesilapan itu ada dan itulah lumrah hidup. Move on! Ambil peluang ini untuk perbaiki kesilapan kamu! Apa yang kamu dapat dengan menangisi benda yang dah berlaku? Nothing!
So get up and fix things up. You define yourself."
Masa tu repeat Malaysian Law. Macam noob. Dapat 4.0 untuk paper worldwide genocide tapi Malaysian Law hampeh. (Ada cerita di sebalik kegagalan M'sian Law so saya tak ambik port sangat)
Tapi kan, percaya tak, selepas saya buat balik paper M'sian Law dan dapat result yang boleh la~ beberapa bulan kemudian saya dapat tawaran Universiti Malaya. Law jugak.
Saya ingat lagi lecturer saya pernah cakap saya takkan layak masuk UM. Rasa macam nak fax surat tawaran tu ke offie dia~ ahaha!
Masa tu jugak mak ayah izinkan saya buat keputusan sendiri. Law bukan bidang saya. Saya berminat dengan benda2 sociolinguistic~ benda noob yang tak datangkan keuntungan~ makanya, saya pilih bidang yang mengizinkan saya untuk buat banyak kerja.
Alhamdulillah, pada mulanya, mak ayah macam tak suka. Satu semester menadah telinga. Tapi, sabar je la kan ?
Bila dapat result, mak ayah orang paling gembira. Dapat 4.0~
Masa tu ramai tak tahu saya pernah gagal. Saya pernah repeat paper. Saya pernah kecewa gila. Saya dimaki hampir 6 bulan dan saya biarkan usaha saya berbunyi. Ia makan masa tapi bak kata orang putih, worth it smile emoticon
Tapi gagal sekali bukan alasan untuk berhenti mencuba. Usaha tangga kejayaan.
Last sekali, [You define yourself or who y
Once again, I have to close my eyes and keep doing my work. I think I found my road but it is too early to presume.
All I have to do is relax. Don't be afraid of future. Take care of present.
Because whatever you do now, determines who you are tomorrow.


Stop dreaming and start working.
Sometimes planning is easier than working the plan. Once a failure, makes you human.
[Once a repeater, makes you successor.]

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I love to watch how people submit their body and soul to the sadistic fate only to be a masochist of life~

That's my term of SM.
Sometimes people thought I'm really into it when I just analyse their inner thoughts.
Well, aren't I Sigmund Freud~?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sometimes, when I meet the kind of people, the broken people, I just . . . want to hug them.

Hug them so they can feel the presence of care and love.

Words won't work on them. They heard a lot of words.
"Be strong." ,
"Be patience",
----but nobody ever show how.

It's okay if they cry. It's okay if we just embrace together in silence.

As long as they feel the presence of care...
As long as they know someone has been there....and survived...
As long as they feel secure....even for 10 minutes...
Yes, as long as they can ease their guard...

We just want to know comfort zone. We just want to be safe.

These people have been strong. They tried to be like others. They wondered how people hide their emotions. They wondered if others feel the pain they feel.
Depression can kill. Yes.

Be ready to sacrifice your negative thoughts. Be ready to replace with positive thoughts.

Prepare your ears for the best of words, teach your eras to repel the worst of words.

Pretty or ugly, confidence comes when you believe in yourself. People can say whatever they want, even in good or bad, as long as we believe in ourselves, keep holding to it.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Mengajak sahabat pergi Times Square lebih senang daripada mengajak sahabat pergi majlis ilmu"

Keenakan ikan bakar yang dibakar sendiri oleh abah dan aku tidak membejatkan perkongsian ilmiah di meja makan. Seperti biasa, mama mendiamkan diri. Seperti biasa, aku sentiasa mempunyai luahan dan pandangan mengenai sesuatu isu. Seperti biasa, abah akan mendengar dan menjawab persoalan aku.

Sambil meratah ikan bakar tersebut, aku meluahkan rasa terkilan dengan sahabat-sahabat di kolej.
Aku tidak mempunyai sahabat yang boleh diajak ke majlis ilmu. Yang tidak kisah untuk merakamkan video Arab di pondok. Yang boleh diajak berbual tentang ilmu dan isu semasa.

Ya, aku seorang yang sangat membosankan. Hanya bercakap apabila perlu.
Susah hendak istiqamah mengikut sunnah apabila kita berseorangan. Akan ada suatu masa aku akan ikut mengumpat dan akhirnya umpatan memakan diri dan merosakkan hubungan antara insani.
Apabila aku bernekad untuk berubah, pasti akan terdengar suara mengatakan terlalu lambat untuk aku berubah. Benda sudah berlaku. Nama kau sudah tercalar. Teruskan perbuatan kau kerana sudah terlambat untuk bertaubat.
Itulah suara syaitan.

Allah itu Maha Pengampun. Dan aku cuba mempercayainya. Aku bimbang aku termurtad tanpa sedar, atau munafik tanpa sedar.
Tetapi pesan abah "Jangan bersangka buruk dengan Allah"
Percayalah Allah itu Maha Pengampun. Dan Allah pasti akan memudahkan perjalanan istiqamah hambaNya.
Kerana jalan ke Syurga itu tidak mudah. Sangat tidak mudah.

"Islam muncul dalam keadaan terasing dan ia akan kembali dalam keadaan asing,
maka beruntunglah orang-orang yang terasing."
Baginda Rasulullah pernah bersabda.

Orang yang benar-benar mengikut dan mendalami Islam, mereka ialah orang terasing daripada dunia. Dunia tak mampu menerima mereka sebagaimana mereka berusaha untuk menolak dunia.
Jika suatu hari kita buat keputusan untuk bertudung labuh dan berselubung abaya, apakah kamu yakin semua rakan-rakan kamu mampu menerima perubahan ini ?
Kamu tidak akan sama seperti dulu.
Tidak sama sekali.
Kerana orang yang menyayangi Allah dan agamaNya pasti menolak dunia. Mereka beribadah dan bekerja tetapi bukan dunia di hati mereka.
Dan mereka akan terasing kerana mereka berbeza dengan manusia-manusia lain.
"..maka beruntunglah orang-orang yang terasing"

"The world is an illusion. No matter how much you fight for it, in the end, it does not really matter."

Saturday, March 7, 2015

As a future teacher, yes, I have few dialogues in my mind that my students will ask.

'I Wonder by Jeannie Kirby'

"Teacher, how can we know wind when we cannot see it?"

Some things are meant to feel. Although we cannot see it, but we can feel it.

"How to feel the wind?"

It surrounds you now, darling. It keeps the room comfy. Whenever the wind blows, you will feel chill. When the wind roams calmly, you will feel warm. But when the wind does not blow, you will feel hot. The wind is made to feel because we cannot see it.

Can you feel love?


Then how do you know your mother loves you?

"She cooks for me and prepares me to school."

How do you it is love?

"Because she take care of me. I can feel it!"

See? Some things are meant to be feel. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

If you ask me the thing I fear, I will say....[FRIENDSHIP]

Friendship is both a bless and curse.
Today, you're a friend. Tomorrow, each of you learn a mistake. The day after, you're a stranger.

I can't recall how many biographies or stories that show a friend stabbing another.
When the person smiles at the one he called friend, the friend quietly stabs him with poison needle.
Then the friend walk away....leaving the person suffers the pain....with two choices.
To accept the fact that he is betrayed.
Or to revenge.

Less people decide to pay the debt. Because they love the person. It hurts. We're dying. But, the love is too strong that we cannot do the same to the friend.

Some people cured from the poison.
Some people died from tasting it.

I couldn't (or, wouldn't) recall the memories of betrayal.

I believe in friendship. I held strong to loyalty. I believe that we're friends until forever.

Maybe it is my fault for believing.

Thus, each days, I kill my emotion. I forced myself to survive. I tortured myself to live alone. Stop depending on others.

Cutting ties from people.
Maintain in low level.
Could not express anything on friendship.

I love the taste of friendship.
But I've died for several the name of friendship.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Belajarlah. Belajarlah dengan guru."

Ya habib! Inilah guruku!

"Di mana?"

Buku ini! Aku belajar melaluinya.

"Tidak cukup, habibi. Kamu perlukan seorang guru."

Cukup, ya habib. Buku ini melengkapi semuanya.

"Buku itu objek, habibi. Kandungannya terhad."

Ia memberi penjelasan untuk semua pengisian, ya habib. Lihat!

"Tidak cukup, habibi. Kamu masih perlukan seorang guru. Apakah penulisan mampu menerangkan yang tersurat?"

Apa maksudmu ?

"Maksudku, buku itu ditulis oleh seorang penulis. Apakah kamu yakin segala yang ditulisnya itu benar? Apakah kamu yakin segala yang diterangnya itu benar? Apakah kamu yakin ilmu itu tertakluk pada satu objek sahaja?"

Masakan dia mampu menulis dan menerbitkan buku ini kalau semuanya berbeza!

"Sedangkan kefahaman Imam Syafie dan kefahaman Imam Maliki juga berbeza... Adakah dengan sekadar membaca kitab al-Risalah menjadikan Muhammad ibn Syafie sebagai imam besar?"


"Selepas beliau membaca penulisan Imam Maliki, beliau ingin segera berjumpa Imam Maliki dan mempelajari dan mempelopori ilmu-ilmu Imam Maliki. Kerana beliau tahu, ilmu Imam Maliki tidak terhad pada tinta yang tertekap pada al-Risalah."

Mana mungkin aku boleh bertemu dengan penulis buku ini.

"Allahuakhbar. Rajin-rajinkan diri untuk mencari ceramah pengajian yang dianjurkan di masjid. Semakin banyak majlis agama sekarang, umpama cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan."


"Menuntut ilmu di majlis ilmu, akan malaikat payungi dengan sayap mereka sambil berdoa untuk merahmati kita sehingga majlis selesai."

Tapi, majlis agama sekarang banyak berunsurkan politik! Syiah!

"Yang buruk tinggalkan, yang baik dekatkan."

Ya habib tak takut kita terpengaruh?

"Orang yang berilmu tahu yang mana baik dan yang mana buruk. Yang mana datang dari Al-Quran dan yang mana datang dari kitab. Pilih gurumu sebagaimana kamu memilih sahabatmu. Ambil ilmunya sehingga dia tiada apa untuk diberikan kepadamu."


"Belajarlah dengan guru. Kamu akan lebih memahami tintanya."


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sometimes I feel regret for letting go the position.
I feel stupid for letting it go because it might harms my free time. I have to sacrifice more for people who will never appreciate my work.
But, now, I feel more stupid to know a dumb, spoiled brat taking over such position, even worse, the candidate of Student Council ? Srsly ?
I often says "When the person who is not suitable for the organization taking over the management, it will erupt to doom someday."
This talk----- and then I let it go and entrusted her to do this job, but she ruins things up... what the hell, girl ? Do I have to talk to you when the President of club cannot even tegur you ? Oh, I guess I have no part in the organization since I am the one who letting it go. And now, I complaint.
I should sign up for the election. But I don't want to hold more burdens. But it hurts me more to see such weak organization------- it's not like I am great or something but at least, instead of talk, I can do something! -sighs-
"Sometimes the things that you like is not good for you, the things that you hate is not bad for you."
Requoting my dad's words when I complaint about this; "Allah knows what we don't know. He turned your heart to drop down the position. You may say it comes from your heart but when it happened, there should be fair in certain event. He knows what you don't know. And be patience."
I think it is another way of saying me stupid for letting go then complaint ==;

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A little fox went out to play
But found it was a foggy day;
Clouds of gray were hanging low,
Dismal, dark and full of snow.
Ever optimistic soul,
Foxy snacked from his li'l bowl;
Got it from the kitchen shelf.
(He climbed to reach it by himself)
If he couldn’t go outdoors--
Just a thought—he’d shine the floors!
Knowing Mum would be surprised,
Little Foxy winked his eyes;
Mum was sure to ‘preciate
Neatness he would soon create.
Oh, how fast he swished the mop,
Pushing, pulling, wouldn’t stop!
Quit before his job was done?
Really not that kind of son!
Soon the floor began to shine;
Time to sit on his "behind"
Underneath the dining table.
“Valiant!” cried his mother Mabel.
“What a sweet surprise for me;
X-ray the floor -- no dirt you'll see.”
“Yes, Mum, I did it on my own,
Zipped right through 'fore you got home!”
Now every time the weather's gray,
Foxy recalls that foggy day,
when working for a little while
surprised his mum and made her smile;
Instead of moping 'round the den
He mops the floor and "shines" again.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mengejar sesuatu yang tidak pasti.
Akhirnya terjadilah E=mc2.
Terciptalah undang-undang Fizik.
Ia bermula dengan rasa ingin tahu, usaha sehingga berjaya dan TADA! Prinsip baru tercipta~
Tapi aku . . . apa yang aku nak tahu kalau semua sudah tertulis dalam buku dan aku hanya perlu terima atau tolak saja ?
Untuk seketika, aku hilang fokus.
Betul ke cara aku ? Macam mana kalau salah ? Macam mana kalau betul ? Macam mana kalau aku tak sempat siapkan semua perancangan ni ? Berbaloi ke?
Layak ke aku ?
Layak untuk gagal ? Layak untuk berjaya ? Berhasil ke ?
Berhenti sebelum rebah. Tetapi, bangkit selepas sakit . . . . itulah intipati kejayaan.
Belum cuba, belum tahu. Tiada usaha, tiada jaya.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Ramai lelaki berlumba melafazkan akad dengan laju dan lancar.
Tetapi ramai tak tahu bahawa sebaik sahaja lelaki itu melafazkan 'Aku terima..', maka berpindahlah tanggungjawab untuk menjaga si wanita daripada ayahnya. Menjadi tanggungjawab dia untuk menjaga isteri, memberi nafkah dan segala-galanya, selaku seorang suami dan bakal ayah.
Sebab itu aku tak hairan kalau ada lelaki yang gugup atau pengsan masa akad.
Gemuruh itu mungkin tetapi ada juga yang bimbang untuk menerima tanggungjawab baru.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sometimes we maintain silence to protect a beautiful relation,
but we forget that . . .
. . too much silence creates distance in every beautiful relation.
Before we know, we have to start from the beginning. Or make the ending.


"A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a moment of regret."
I learn the effectiveness of this quote. Though, it hurts me. It hurts me very much.
No one will understand, no one will know. One will see me cry.
But one who learnt, will know that it is the tears from defeated anger. I bring down my anger and pull out my patience so I won't have to regret every moment of speaking.
Let me regret the moment of silence as it will never be misquote.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Had an evening drink with mom~
She's been busy lately so we rarely had this kind of talk~ like telling her about college and she will talk about her students~ kinda like lecturer-student session XD
I tell her what student always think and do, then my mom tell me about lecturer's expectation.
So yeah~ I was asked by my lecturer, "Why are you taking this course ?"
I was being honest. Like seriously. "I don't even know."
And everybody were giggled. And I have a very long answer but it requires an effort. But I tell my mom what I exactly want.
"I'm taking a course that I know I can do it and I can be on top while doing what I want. I want to enjoy my life."
If you know me, I was a bookworm. It is all about library, books and study. All about As. I wasn't the best student but used to be on top. I don't remember when did I realize that life is not just about striving all As.
Life is not all about being best student.
Life is content.
Life nowadays isn't like yesterday. Or days before. Everything has changed. Even PMR has no longer exist.
Some people used to call me stupid for choosing this course. Well, I'm not going to be a slave for books. Studying something that makes me depressed and not enjoying my life. I wanna do something--- like everything!
I can do fashion, backpacking, business, counselling and everything while keeping myself at top! I'm not saying English is easy and I'm not saying I'm a master in English writing.
I'm nothing compared to my friends. They are better than me. My cousins are better than me so I have to strive harder. Not many knows that my 4 flat is nothing to my family.
Let see . . . I live only once. I'm not rich bastard who can spend money for vacation. I have spent my school's life with books. So why not ? Explore the society and practicing my knowledge ?
When I get all offers to study abroad, I know I'm doing great. My family should know that. But I choose to live my life. Being moderate, gaji sikit, but it's okay~ I just wanna see the world that some people try to protect.
Mom: If you asked me why am I choosing Nursing, I just gonna say no one in my kin take Nursing. And you're continuing our family's legacy.
Hahaha~ but that isn't my intention~
Not many knows what happened in my life. So do I. I won't bother anyone's life as much as I want for my life. Privacy does matter. It's okay for you to know that I'm not okay, I'm happy or I'm sad. But I just wanna say . . . not everybody are leading a normal life. I'm taking a route which might have a turn back but I will never return the same.
Hopefully I'll be a teacher with stories to tell~ the more experience I gained, the more content I felt.
Because my life is nothing better and nothing worser than others.

Haiiiii mambang study! Mambang grammar! Mambang microteaching! Mambang segala mambang~~~~berdampinglah denganku wahai si mambang!
.....sekali mambang betul datang, bersepah lari pacman emoticon

Friday, January 23, 2015

Don't expect for happy relationship when you leave your partner during hard times.
Relationship isn't about staying together in happiness but also, holding hands during hard times.
You wished for a happy relationship but you're not helping your partner to be happy. You complained without knowing his/her problem. You forgot that things does not come easier. Happiness doesn't come like a magic. Life is not a fairy tale. Wake up !
Stop taking advantage on someone who really likes you... Other people are struggling to have him/her but you, idiot, are taking advantages on your partner...
Drama is a slice of life. Some drama features are experienced by certain people... just because we never taste the experience, we assumed the non-existence of such situation.
Weaklings, don't give anyone a chance to toying our heart. We're not toys. We're human.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Penonton WWE takkan faham macam mana rasanya kena belasah dengan John Cena, The Rock, Undertaker . . . kerana mereka hanya mampu melihat sahaja. Mereka tak boleh masuk campur.
Atau mungkin sahaja mereka boleh, tetapi mereka tidak berani.
Atau mereka lebih takutkan peraturan daripada keganasan.
Atau keganasan itu sebuah hiburan."
Macam itulah kita. Apabila kita ditimpa masalah, ingatlah golongan penonton ni.
Ada yang akan mendengar dan memberi sokongan. Itu dah cukup baik dah.
Ada yang akan mendengar tanpa rasa apa-apa.
Ada yang buat-buat dengar.
Dan ada yang merasakan kau memang layak ditimpa musibah.
Terima kasih untuk setiap respon yang diberi.
Tak minta simpati, cuma minta untuk difahami sahaja.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Intelligence does not defined through pointer.
Good pointer means you're good in tackling the exam paper.
Intelligence is defined through someone's ability to act accordingly, either through their beliefs or through their obedience in following rules.
The world has its order and people who follow it accordingly can be intelligent. But people who make a difference accordingly and accepted by society will be defined as genius.
Do we have Einstein, Karl Max, Tesla, al-Khawarizmi, Ford and you-just-named-it if they choose to follow the norm ?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tudung tu material.
Yang penting, niat.
Tapi, nak buat macam mana kan ? Masa suka, kita lupa halal haram.
Atau kita tolak tepi je sebab kita tahu peluang bukan selalu datang. 
Sebab tu jihad paling besar selepas perang ialah jihad melawan nafsu.
Ramai sangka mereka juara kerana mereka lupa keberadaan mereka.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kita semua habiskan separuh hidup kita untuk menjadi orang lain.

Kita lupa Allah ciptakan setiap manusia dengan keistimewaan sendiri :)

Mungkin dia hebat dalam isu politik dunia, tetapi kamu lebih faham konflik dalaman negara.

Mungkin dia hebat dalam Matematik, tetapi kamu lebih arif dalam Bahasa.

Bak kata senior akaun; "Tak mampu eden nak mentelaah teori ni"

Kata ku pula; "Tak mampu saya nak mengira kredit debit ni semua"


A: Why did you quit Syariah ?

B: Because I was afraid I cannot memorise Arbain Nawawiyyah, Syarah Aqidah Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaah and Manhaj Imam Syafie...

A: Did your lecturer ask you to read or to memorise ?


A: He asked you to read so you can understand. How can you memorise if you don't understand ? You will remember alphabets, paragraphs, words but you are unable to understand the message. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Golongan yang ditimpa musibah dan....


Dah lama Tasya tak menulis. So, hari ni Tasya nak share tazkirah Ustaz Fakhrul masa tahlil tadi.

Ustaz ambil masa 5 minit untuk berkongsi pengalaman dia semasa pulang ke Kelantan baru-baru ni. Macam yang kita tahu, negeri-negeri Timur sedang berdepan dengan banjir besar yang agak dahsyat, ala-ala tsunami kecil gitu. Satu sebab ekuinoks bumi-----bulan-----ehgerd, back to our topic!

So, kat sini, Ustaz merumuskan sesuatu berdasarkan pemerhatian dan ilmu yang dia ada.

Terdapat 4 golongan yang kita dapat saksikan semasa ditimpa musibah.

1. Orang yang ditimpa musibah dan dia mengeluh
- ni common la. Kadang-kadang aku pun mengeluh. Bukan apa . . . kadangkala kita jadi terlampau penat dan lemah. Tapi sebab itu orang yang beriman akan berdoa memohon kekuatan daripada Ilahi. Tapi kita ni ? Post kat FB, Twitter. Macam dorang boleh tolong kita pulak. Kadangkala mereka tahu mereka sedang diuji tetapi tanpa sedar, kata-kata mereka seolah-olah mengeluh dan menyalahkan takdir Ilahi. 
"Nak buat macam mana. Allah nak bagi. Redha je laa." Hmm....

2. Orang yang ditimpa musibah dan dia tak rasa apa-apa
- Ni best~ apa yang ustaz cerita sama je la macam yang dikhabarkan dalam berita. Oh well, nama pun musibah jadi mestilah ramai orang yang terdesak untuk cari makanan, alas perut dan sebagainya. Nak dijadikan cerita, adalah jiran ustaz ni, seorang peniaga Cina, dirompak masa banjir melanda. Yang bestnya, perompak tu ambik sekali barangan elektrik. Aku pun taktau kat mana dia nak hidupkan benda tu. Aneh.
Masa ustaz dan jiran tetangga jumpa dia, ini yang dia cakap, "Tidak mengapalah. Mereka lebih memerlukan." SubhanAllah... kadangkala akhlak orang kafir lebih indah daripada akhlak orang Islam. Semoga Allah membuka pintu hidayah untuknya...
Lagi satu, cerita yang dengar melalui Whatsapp dan akhirnya dengar sendiri daripada ustaz. Kenaikan harga barang yang melampau.
Bayangkan, satu liter botol berisi petrol----- tau kan harga petrol berapa seliter ? RM2.60 kan ? Tapi peniaga menjual 1 liter botol berisi petrol dengan harga RM10 !
Roti Gardenia dijual dengan harga RM6 dan ayam dijual dengan harga RM30!

Okay, okay, aku tau korang kena survive. Duit tu penting zaman sekarang dan bekalan pun berkurangan. Tapi tak bermakna naik harga sampai camtu sekali. Sifat ihsan pun dah hanyut sekali eh ?
Jadi, inilah dia contoh orang yang ditimpa musibah tapi dia tak rasa apa pun. Dia tak rasa musibah tu hadir untuk mengajar dia. Dia masih dengan perangai mencuri, merompak seolah-olah dia akan terbias daripada musibah tu! Itulah maksud untuk golongan kedua...

3. Orang yang ditimpa musibah dan dia insaf sebelum kembali kepada perlakuan asal.
- Maksudnya, masa kena musibah, dia kerap solat, kerap berzikir, berselawat . . . tetapi apabila dia dah terlepas daripada musibah, dia terus tinggal solat, lupa zikir . . . (Tang ni pun macam kena dengan batang hidung sendiri)
Ramai je manusia macam ni. Masa abah kemalangan hari tu, lima hari aku menangis, mohon pertolongan Allah dan sebagainya. Bila abah dah stabil, aku mula ambil ringan.... Astagfirullah. Kadang-kadang aku pun taktau perbuatan ni munafik ke fasik. Terasa macam berpura-pura dengan Allah SWT...
Semoga kita semua tetap hatinya dalam agama-Nya.

4. Orang yang ditimpa musibah dan dia terus insaf.
- Golongan ni bagus. Dia insaf dan terus insaf. Dia tahu ujian ni datang daripada Allah dan pasti ada terselit kebaikan atau peringatan di dalamnya.
Ustaz ada cerita. Rumah jiran ustaz ni habis kena hanyut. Dinding, tingkap, pintu, peti sejuk semua habis! Tinggal tapak rumah je! Ustaz yang jenguk jiran ustaz ni dah mengalir air mata mengenangkan nasib yang menimpa jiran dia tetapi jiran dia masih mampu senyum.
"Kenapa ustaz menangis ?" tanya jiran ustaz. "Semuanya yang terjadi ni atas izin Allah. Dari Allah kita datang, kepada Allah kita kembali."

Masa ni lah ustaz petik ayat 156, Surah al-Baqarah...


(Yaitu) orang-orang yang apabila menimpa kepada mereka suatu musibah, mereka berkata: Sesungguhnya kita ini dari Allah, dan sesungguhnya kepadaNya­lah kita semua akan kembali.

Alhamdulillah, keadaan di Kelantan sudah stabil. Sekarang ni Pahang, Perak dan Terengganu pulak terjejas.

Semoga mereka tabah menghadapi ujian Ilahi. 

Seperti kata abah, lagi perit ujian yang Allah beri, lagi banyakkan ibadah kepada-Nya.

Bak kata sahabat, Allah rindu dengan doa kita :)