Sunday, December 14, 2014

You just saved a life..

The experience of being depressed, oppressed, bullied and zoned-out should never be neglect. 
It should not to forget and not to remember.
Especially, when you're a survivor. A VICTOR.

You have stories to share about someone who fought alone in society's deception. You have the power to help someone like was-you to take a path of courage. To step out and stay alive. We live once and we die once. Once we're inside the box, we could never make new chances. 

If you have a daughter/son who holding such grieves, as you were, stay with them. Don't tell them to buckle up and face their fear! Tell.them bout your survival and show them how. 
The rest is their decision. Listen and take action or listen but deaf.

One day, you will have someone who look-upon you and take a heed with your support. Before you realize.... You just saved a life.

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