Friday, September 12, 2014

Idea for Investigating Essay~?

Hi. Currently busy with assignments.

Studying language isn't easy, dude.... really not a friendly course.
Most of the time, you have to be careful with vocabulary usage and extra concern on grammar. If not, you're just a scholar who get 4 flat but unable to speak English like a scholar should be.
I'm embarassing myself. Indeed. *cries*

Btw, I'm doing a lot of research now as we have to improve our writing skill and enhance our point of view in every subjects. Critical thinking is important for educator, informer and diplomat. In second semester, we are learning to be like college student. And think like adult.

Currently I'm doing a research on Wealthy, Happiness and Mental Illness.

So how did we get the idea?

Firstly, I wanna do an essay about Crisis in Knowledge. It was inspired by Shaykh Hamza Yusof during his talk at Dewan Sri Budiman, UITM Shah Alam (*Shingeki salute* uitm di hatiku *muaaahh*). And the assignment must be in pair. My partner have a deep interest in motivation and she like to investigate more on happiness.
And so, both ideas got rejected. One, too specific. Two, too wide. Ha.

Then, I reminisced the investigate essay I did during my study in Law. I did a topic about mental health and jurisdiction. Suddenly, I wondered how did mentally-ill people survived from the genetic/unwelcome disease and social stigma.
That brings me the idea to investigate about hopes in mentally-ill people.
Plus, I've been to Hospital Tanjung Rambutan or National Asylum Centre for several times so I have networking for further information. However, my partner still want to talk about 'Happiness', before she mentioned 'Money'.

That is how my lecturer put a relation with those three elements and we strongly hold with 'Money cannot buy Happiness'
The high cost living nowadays, less free time, limited hobby, high demands; it makes people go crazy.

And my mom who is a specialist (in her way to be) in Psychiatry quoted extra info for us "Money cannot buy mental health or wealthy but not mentally health"

This quote drives me crazy though.
Now you know why I think critically and sometimes, over the norm line. Because I have broad-thinking parents.

I wonder what is that supposed to mean.
Even when I asked her, she explained it in incomprehensible terms! I'm not a Medic student ;n;

Annnnnnnnddd, be sure to wait for our Arabic video~!
Getting my head on games again~~~~~~~~have a nice day, people XD

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