Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why is the sky blue~?

Remember when we soaring through the air and admiring the blue blue sky ?

People who have been on flight will remember it. It is the beautiful scenery ever. We could only see them from land. Only that moment, we can be among it. Flying beside clouds on the blue ocean sky. Such a wonderful scenery.

Little kids will never stop questioning on everything. They are fascinated with such scenery. They will ask their mom "Why is the sky blue?".
They will ask their dad "Why is cloud as soft as cotton?"
And only those kids, such poor kids, will ask "What is that?" while pointing their finger on round-shaped thing.
And it might be their last questions.
And that might be their last scenery.
And that was their last adventure soaring through the blue blue sky.

For how many days have passed. For how many people have cried. For how many hearts have lost.
They've reached their destination. Their once-home, Malaysia.
They've reached the last destination as fated for every living thing.
In deep blue sky, in lovely scenery, in memorial of heavy feeling.

Al-Fatihah for them.


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