Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Speak about integration, one of my Chinese friend told me that it's hard for Chinese and Malay to be seen lepaking together, share tips and food etc, because each races will dispute over such friendship.

When I was bullied by Malay kids, Aunty Lan is the only person who hear me out. She took care of me for two years and she even make baju kurung for us every year! And every time we had celebration, sis Suri, a beautiful Indian lady offered different types of manisan for us which she made it herself. When I worked at KFC before, kak Shally is my only close friend there. Whatever troubles come to me, she'll come as survivor~

They said Cosplay doesn't bring any benefit.
Ohwell, how many times can you see a group of people with different races laughing together, enjoy the movie together, cursing each other like nothing? I know I don't talk much that time. I have a lil bit trauma to get new friends. . . But I really cherishing all those moments~! You'll never seen a scene of Chinese girl help a Malay girl with her make-up, or Indonesian girl hugs Chinese girl, or Indian girls laughing on lousy jokes with Malay girl~ I had all those times in cosplay.
It's hard to apply it in normal life since we are ruled by stigma. So normal people, dumb those stupid stigma please. We are reaching 2020.

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