Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Differences between Republic and Democracy [Short Note]

Democracy originates from the Greek word ‘Demos’ means human or people, and ‘Kratos means power, thus it can be marked as ‘Rule by the people’ or people’s rule. However, most scholars today would agree that the word democracy means ‘majority ruled’ What it meant by majority rule is the democratic government in existence should be voted by the people through general election of popular majority votes.

There are two types of democracy which are Direct Democracy and Indirect Democracy.

Direct Democracy is pure democracy which developed in ancient Athens. All citizens of Athens could took part in the political decisions of the state, however women, slaves and outsiders are not allowed to participate.

Indirect Democracy refers to a system of government in which the people control the government through elected political officials. It is also known as Representative Democracy or Republic.

Differences between Republic and Democracy

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