Saturday, May 10, 2014

C2AGE R.A.V.E 2014 [Phantom]

Day 1 as Phantom (My OC)

Oh event <3 p="">Another awaiting event after Animax Carnival~~~
This time, I made new friends and lepak-ing with new friends too! I don't have a mood to write actually but I try my best to tell who I met today~

Meet all beautiful babies~~~~~~I will never miss a chance for BJD picca!

Hahaha! Keep your eyes on that girl |D

Celestia Ludenberg from Dangan Ronpa~!

Natsume Yuujinchou hijabist cosplayer~~ 
Guess who :3

Pokerface Shion Kaito~~!

Saber~~ arhh forgive teh blurry picca DX

Maid Mikasa and Mad Titan-san? |D
Cleaner Levi and Maid Mikasa~~!

Sammy and Ryn~~ from Heart no Kuni no Alice~~!

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