Sunday, May 11, 2014

C2AGE RAVE [Madame Red]

Day 2 as Angelina Durless

This is my very first official Kuroshitsuji cosplay, ALTOGETHER~!!
I am really really really really CHERISHING EVERY MOMENTS THAT WE HAD~~ XDD

Ready for a walk with my nephew~
Beware of us~~~ The Ripper~~! >)

....wondering what are they talking about ==;

With William T.Spears
With my nephew's fiancee, Elizabeth Lizzie Middleford~

Takde motif XDDDD

Dochira ga iie~? Anime version or Manga Version~?

Annhhhh I love this photo!! Will redo this shoot again DX

MAD FATHER!! or.... MAD COOK!! Ciel, please give the best salary for him T___T

Bad lightning is bad.... 

The moment when Ciel asked random people to tie his boot lace and Kawaii Sebby immediately do his job XD

Viral Picture~~~~we love this very much >))

....again, I'm wondering what are they talking about ==;;

I love this photo!! But the photobomb is too bombastic!!

True male members~~ Kawaii Sebby, Wiru, Bardo-san and Kakkoi Sebby~~~

Alois Trancy and Ciel Phantomhive

Aktiviti sambilan Bardo-san~


I was resting and suddenly~~~ family portrait |D
Best picca ever~~~ from here, we can see our flaws in cosplay~ "orz

Red Ciel and Madame Red~~~ 


Velvet Ciel . . . . that face ==;;

This is for stealing my nephew~

Our decision to go back late really worth it~!! Reika and Hiiro appeared from behind and I get to meet her face to face XD

We just pulled a prank on tired Junko XDDD

The cutest pose ever~~ it's my idea anyway XDDD

The best shoot~~ even though it photobombed Alois real bad XDD
Credits: Jeffery Zin

The most chosen photo for FB Cover~~ credits to Wong Shi Wei

  • Velvet Ciel Phantomhive                : Hiruka N Akira
  • Red Ciel Phantomhive                    : Falcon Black
  • Kawaii Sebastian Michaelis            : Takeru Kenji
  • Kakkoi Sebastian Michaelis           : Leon Lam
  • Alois Trancy                                  : Erin Jaegar
  • Anime Angelina Durless                 : Elise Shizuka
  • Manga Angelina Durless (hijabist)  : Anastasya
  • Elizabeth Middleford                     : Ada-chin
  • Grell Sutcliffe                                 : Kiera Mya
  • William T.Spears                           : Rimbunan Beringin
  • Baldroy                                         : Kyohei Azwan

Saturday, May 10, 2014

C2AGE R.A.V.E 2014 [Phantom]

Day 1 as Phantom (My OC)

Oh event <3 p="">Another awaiting event after Animax Carnival~~~
This time, I made new friends and lepak-ing with new friends too! I don't have a mood to write actually but I try my best to tell who I met today~

Meet all beautiful babies~~~~~~I will never miss a chance for BJD picca!

Hahaha! Keep your eyes on that girl |D

Celestia Ludenberg from Dangan Ronpa~!

Natsume Yuujinchou hijabist cosplayer~~ 
Guess who :3

Pokerface Shion Kaito~~!

Saber~~ arhh forgive teh blurry picca DX

Maid Mikasa and Mad Titan-san? |D
Cleaner Levi and Maid Mikasa~~!

Sammy and Ryn~~ from Heart no Kuni no Alice~~!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

G+ Badge atau G+ Followers ??

Assalammualaikum dear boys and girls~

Ada antara korang yang pertama kali menggunakan blog?
Teringin nak tambah followers atau perkenalkan akaun Gepelas Google Plus korang?

Mesti ada antara korang yang konpius. Camne nak buat cam akak Mea ni eh?

Since akak agak malas nak screenshot bagai (Step die senang sangat), korang pergi kat , kemudia tekan , tekan dan korang akan nampak tiga benda Gepelas Google+

1+ Button tu macam button 'Like' FB. Setiap kali korang tekan butang ni, secara automatik ia akan tersiar di newsfeed korang. Kalau korang ada akaun Youtube, korang akan faham fungsi button 1Malaysia 1+
/gigit jari for being typo/ []<

Google+ Followers tu menunjukkan berapa ramai followers korang dan siapa followers korang dalam Gepelas. Ikut suke la nak letak atau tak.

Tapi, Google+ Badge pun ade menunjukkan berapa followers korang. Malah, pengunjung blog boleh datang dan terus klik Follow badge tu.

Sekarang dah tau yang mane lagi better?

Okay, adios~ ^___^