Thursday, November 7, 2013


Done watching Shinsengumi! drama~

Eventually, I can relate the tragedy of Kondo Isami with the tragedy of Malay legendary warrior, Hang Tuah.

Both of them are the leader of army~ the heavy of Royal and powerful man on land.
Both of them devote themself for the King and betrayed by the King.

It said that Kondo Isami was abandoned by the royal Tokugawa and was sentenced to death. Since that , the Shinsengumi has fallen but quickly recovered by his second man, Hijikata Toshizo. Kondo was accused for a murder of Sakamoto Tatsuma (Tatsumoto) and there has been clashed between clan or some kind like rebel troop or something.

Meanwhile, Hang Tuah was sentenced to death when he was accused to have an affair with one of Sultan's concubine. Despite of all his loyalty and deed, he was brought to death but saved by the minister who believe in his innocence. Thus, Hang Tuah hid himself in the forest, suggested by the minister. His second man and his best friend, Hang Jebat, couldn't accept the fact that Hang Tuah is dead. So, he went rampage~ kill random citizen and almost everyone in the palace. But it was after the Sultan assigned him to be the leader of army which makes him wonder why and investigate it~ only to find the unjust 'fact'.

How about Hijikata Toshizo ?
He felt the same. He received a secret order to attack another state which might proceed what Kondo has planned. Instead of humilliating himself to stop Kondo's decapitation, he tries to bring back the Shinsengumi's honour and lead his small army for the pride of Shinsengumi Commander.

Hang Jebat wasn't insane~
He was protecting his best friend's pride. The most trusted man in royal family was accused for something so cheap and without second thought, he was sentenced to death, of course Hang Jebat will get pretty mad. Beside, it wasn't war century, I think. It was revenge for his innocent friend which lead him to such rage.

What can I see from both stories are loyalty and abandonment.

No matter how much you keep your loyalty for them in a high rank , one day or soon , they will betray you .
There is always someone who will fight for your honour. Stand for your pride . In their own way~ but that's what I can see .
Trust and loyalty .
Backstabber and abandonment .
Hundred years ago , it happened to our ancestors . Which is not a strange thing if it happen to us , in millennium age.
"Loyalty is an obligatory price , have come with wise"