Sunday, September 8, 2013



Am going to make myself clear about this .

I want to be a Forensic Psychiatrist .
Yes !

So , I have to participate myself in Med . Or take Foundation in Health Science . Before proceed in Psychiatric in degree .

In my case , I've taken Foundation in Law , having another 2 certs from GiatMara (Fashion) and UM (Syariah) but till now , I'm stranded in home with nothing to work on except being unproductive .

I want to pursue my dream but dad (since I was a child , he never approve my dream !) has begin to let me choose what I want .
And till now , he didn't .
Fine . I'll be a good girl , listening to my parents and let myself being scold for not taking anything from sleeves .

How can I study Business if I'm not prone to it ??

I don't like economy .
I don't like third party dealings.

I can even make a list of my dreams~

1) Detective
2) Lawyer
3) Chef
4) Mangaka
5) Motivator
6) Govt Servant

But my passion is Forensic . I love crimes and how the criminal do it .

I have to change my dream every year because my dad want me to have a normal work and normal life .

I was 13 when he taught me how to manage his company .
And I was 20 when his company is going down .

Maybe it's my fault . . .  for not trying hard in Engineering .

I can't do Engineering . Neither my sister . She can't do Fashion . But she got 3.5 .
I got 2.5 .
It's useless .

What am I supposed to do ?

> Take TESL and be a teacher .
Which I don't really like .

> Take History and be a teacher .
I can sum that to Legal Studies , if I get the offer .

> Take Business and shut the hell up .

> Take Mechanical Engineering and shut the hell up .

-sighs- All I can do is try , yes ?

And that's why I said . . . . .dead is better than living . . . .

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  1. Asalam kakXD
    lama dah x baca blog~~XD
    nak tahu x?(rasanya akak dah tahu)
    sy ambil diploma pengurusan peruncitan~~~
    dalam hidup sy memang x suka jumpa dgn orang dgn sy x suka berniaga(sampai sekrang)
    tapi nak tahu x apa yg sbb sy nak ambil?(walaupun pilihan no 5?)
    sbb sy kerja kat aeon~~XD
    sori saja cerita nak promo jeXXD
    tapi ikut je haluan akak, jangan biarkan halangan tu berlalutan...buat apa yg akak rasa terbaik...apa2 pun buat benda semua kembali pd yg asas(apa yg aku mengarut ni!!!XD)
    harap akak baca comment sy~~~