Sunday, September 8, 2013



Am going to make myself clear about this .

I want to be a Forensic Psychiatrist .
Yes !

So , I have to participate myself in Med . Or take Foundation in Health Science . Before proceed in Psychiatric in degree .

In my case , I've taken Foundation in Law , having another 2 certs from GiatMara (Fashion) and UM (Syariah) but till now , I'm stranded in home with nothing to work on except being unproductive .

I want to pursue my dream but dad (since I was a child , he never approve my dream !) has begin to let me choose what I want .
And till now , he didn't .
Fine . I'll be a good girl , listening to my parents and let myself being scold for not taking anything from sleeves .

How can I study Business if I'm not prone to it ??

I don't like economy .
I don't like third party dealings.

I can even make a list of my dreams~

1) Detective
2) Lawyer
3) Chef
4) Mangaka
5) Motivator
6) Govt Servant

But my passion is Forensic . I love crimes and how the criminal do it .

I have to change my dream every year because my dad want me to have a normal work and normal life .

I was 13 when he taught me how to manage his company .
And I was 20 when his company is going down .

Maybe it's my fault . . .  for not trying hard in Engineering .

I can't do Engineering . Neither my sister . She can't do Fashion . But she got 3.5 .
I got 2.5 .
It's useless .

What am I supposed to do ?

> Take TESL and be a teacher .
Which I don't really like .

> Take History and be a teacher .
I can sum that to Legal Studies , if I get the offer .

> Take Business and shut the hell up .

> Take Mechanical Engineering and shut the hell up .

-sighs- All I can do is try , yes ?

And that's why I said . . . . .dead is better than living . . . .