Monday, August 5, 2013

I confess~ and get more likes ! Why ? You jealous~?

Peace be upon you , people :)

Ohyeah , I'm back again~ am too busy and pretty stuffed .
And now , I got sick again ):

Okay , so I'm kinda active in Youtube lately . And for most of Youtubers , they must have experienced such thing like 'write stuff /real stuff in mind/ on comment box and get more likes' .

Sometimes you just don't expect on it since it is not your intention .
Sometimes /okay for a person like me/ , we need a space to voice out . It's difficult to utter all those words that scratched our own soul , so we write~

And I was commenting on a song~ which is a quite memorable song to me~ and I get more likes .


. . . .  I don't even know how !

I mean , there are lots of people who posting more tragical stuffs there and I got more likes than them .

And so , yeah~ people will encourage us , giving advices . . . that's what I like about Youtubers :)

And some people who tend to be haters . They will adding Fuck , Bitch , Motherfucker , lots of nice-to-read-and-get-words~ and end with , 'Ain't get more likes with this !'

Uh-uh~ you jealous , I know~

If I wanna get more likes , I'll go with more scrambling , pathetic words and you'll never understand a shit bout it .

Could you , Youtubers and any social website users , to be respect ?

If you can't yourself into their pathetic shoes then leave .
Or at least , come with an idea of lifting up the person's spirit .
I may be strong but there are lots of pathetic , lowest people who can't get that shit over their head and throw a tantrum and suicidal .
Oh come on~ it's slice of life~

I'm not too young to begin with .

All I did to my friends who love to rants and whatever is UNSUBSCRIBE them .
Or approach them .
But most of the time , I'll just unsubscribe . It's same as hiding so it won't appear in my newsfeed again .
For YT , I'll check out which messages that give intelligent replies then I'll entertain them .
So , mostly I don't reply people who come out with this
"You bitch just trying to get attention"

Oh come on . Who give a heck about likes ???

. . . . . kay . This is war , dude .
Let them be >BV

Shut up , Derek !

Oh btw~

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