Monday, July 15, 2013

Kos-su Pu-ran-nu de-suuuuuu

Am currently observing on this 

Mikasa Ackermen Childhood Costume

Ohoho~ I wanna try something new on this~ well , hijab is an obligation so hopefully I won't be lazy to search for this materials~

What about my Shinsengumi plan ?

I'm giving up on it~ I know it's a waste since I've nicely alter it and make it look fit enough but . ..  I've promised someone to wear on it .
And I just want that person to criticize it .. . .

Told him that I'll cosplay on Hijikata Tenko . 
Just a version of bit slim~ since people said I'm getting thinner while I'm viewing myself as gorilla ==;

Yeah~~ I tried of the costume again~ u know nee when I first puts on the pant , it make me worried like whuut------ bcoz it's smaller to fit my thigh ! But now it fits comfortably ^^;
Then I put on hijab~ wear the scarf all over , making it look like pigtails~ duh . Almost well .
Then I put on eyeliner . Still worse . Need more practice >__>


Ohwait . Did I said I wanna cosplay as Tenko ?? Ohyesh >.>

Tenko is Hijikata Toushirou's woman version and it appeared in Gender Apocalypse Arc . 

...........but my dream has gone . He's gone .
I just want to show him how good I am cosplaying on Tenko . And he's gone .
I will never have a chance to listen to him .......
.......... -sighs-

Maybe I'll sell the costume . Just costume and Sougo's eye-mask . Sword is not included ^^
Since it is custom made so I'll just considered as size M/L .
Maybe I don't . I don't know . Have to start on Ackerman's project before sell Shinsengumi's costume~~

Some people said I'm better be Ymir , since I'm quite tanned .
Some people said I should be Sasha Braus~ since I'm a food addict and funkyminded (whuut |D)
Some people said I'm resembling Mikasa~ military type woman , they said ==;

-ureshii no kao- ^___^

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