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劇場版銀魂: 完結篇: 万事屋よ永遠なれ [Gekijouban Gintama: Kanketsu-Hen: Yorozuya no Eien Nare]

Yia~~~ "It's all comes to an end . . . our world"

Rumour said this will be the last Gintama scene . 
But Sorachi does owe us more episodes on Confessional~ Ikumatsu's Father~ Kagura's Boyfriend~ andandand Gender Apocalypse 8DDD
So , I bet that rumour will stay as rumour~
Probably :/

By the way , Gintama The Final Chapter : Yorozuya Forever is mainly about future .
Remember the Timeskip Arc ? It does related~ as far as I concern la . . . well , people have their own opinions and POA so mind to respect nee ^^

Gintama Trailer 2013 Eng sub Kanketsuhen Yorozuya yo Eien Nare

From this trailer , all I can see is the same Timeskip Kagura~ but a bit more serious and sekushii <3 p="">
Somehow I started to like Kagura since the Hinowa Arc~! Her past slightly changed my POV on her ^^

Andandand------ I can't believe that the white hair girl is Otae 8[]
Ohwell , they just changed in contra . Otae in regular episodes is shown as strong woman . And . . in this movie , perhaps she getting weak or something .

As for Kondo , he is the respectful Commander of Shinsengumi~ despite of his crazy and funky attitude ^^;
But to see him locked inside a prison bar , it just rising the curiousity~!!
What happened to you , Kon-chan~!!? TT____TT
Most of my friends said he was upset with Otae's condition . 
And now I'm trying to relate it with Timeskip Arc again~ to see Otae and Kondo married , as Kondo wished (-_-) , is it related ?? No deshou ? So I'll just wait for the movie to end this curiousity >___>

Credit to another blogger ^^

Ohyess !! I'm viewing Shinpachi and Kagura as Kirito and Asuna !
No ?
Mkay .___.

Credit to Gintama Confession tumblr ^^

Okita-kun too~!!

Credit to a tumblr ^^

Much alike nee ??

Some said Hijikata become a betrayal . Some said he just proceed to the next level in National Police Agency . Some said he investigating on Tendoshuu and Joui~
And Shinsengumi no longer exist .
They said .
I just wrote what I heard >___>

Whatever it is , I was questioning on Tendoshuu or to be accurate , Oboro .
He was alive and Mukuro or Nobume-san was his ally ! So there should be no end for this ! I have to know how exactly Nobume-chan was before~ and how did Oboro being killed by Gin-chan~


Sore jyaa~~ will update this soon~

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