Saturday, July 27, 2013


Geez . ..  I hate the fact that I've grown up . I've reached 20 and I have to find a fix job .

For this meantime , I really have to rushing for curtain order .

What makes you think sewing is easy huh ??

I don't have talent ! Seriously ! And less people know how depressed I am lately .
It's my fault anyway for acting strong and slumber~ geez !

Seriously , I feel regret so much .

Regret for all decisions I made before .

If and only if I choose to pursue my study in STF right after UPSR , without thinking about being bullied , perhaps I can go further now .
If I choose to go studying in technical school , perhaps I can be an engineer now .

Ohwait . I was a Science Engineering student previously ==;

If only I study hard and forget about stuffs .

If only I not indulging myself into my interest .

If only I study , study , study and ignore virtual world . . .

Perhaps I can further my study in Russia . .  I've always wanted to be an astronomy , back then .

A detective . Yes . . .  but I've forget my dreams . . . in order to keep other's dreams .

And now , I really lose hope with what had happened . Domination . Poker face . Higher up .


I have no one , not a single trustful stranger to tell my problems .

Everyday sewing~ I have less time on my projects~ so I forget MMD . I forget AMV . But have to working on SS . Freaking tired , actually .

...........I wanna be a kid , once again .

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