Saturday, July 27, 2013

Okay okay~

I'll get back on my work and work and work , just working and die .


Geez . ..  I hate the fact that I've grown up . I've reached 20 and I have to find a fix job .

For this meantime , I really have to rushing for curtain order .

What makes you think sewing is easy huh ??

I don't have talent ! Seriously ! And less people know how depressed I am lately .
It's my fault anyway for acting strong and slumber~ geez !

Seriously , I feel regret so much .

Regret for all decisions I made before .

If and only if I choose to pursue my study in STF right after UPSR , without thinking about being bullied , perhaps I can go further now .
If I choose to go studying in technical school , perhaps I can be an engineer now .

Ohwait . I was a Science Engineering student previously ==;

If only I study hard and forget about stuffs .

If only I not indulging myself into my interest .

If only I study , study , study and ignore virtual world . . .

Perhaps I can further my study in Russia . .  I've always wanted to be an astronomy , back then .

A detective . Yes . . .  but I've forget my dreams . . . in order to keep other's dreams .

And now , I really lose hope with what had happened . Domination . Poker face . Higher up .


I have no one , not a single trustful stranger to tell my problems .

Everyday sewing~ I have less time on my projects~ so I forget MMD . I forget AMV . But have to working on SS . Freaking tired , actually .

...........I wanna be a kid , once again .

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


First of all , I would like to thank my late bf ~ who is a Jap and never give up (LIE ! He often lose temper when teaching me Katakana and Hiragana :'I ) in Hiragana writing lesson~~

Secondly , to my penpal friend~ Atsushi-san :)
Hopefully I can learn more about Kanji !

And to all friends who share the same interest as mine~~~~~ I lurve yer guys XDDD

Oh ! I was inspired by I-chan~~~ aka Izzati @ iOrange <3 p="">
Few years ago I was wondering how did she read all Japanese letters and mix herself among NND ?
Even Rin-chan !

And now~ I can read and find video smoothly TT^TT

I know I'm lame . Just silent and let me scream happily~


OhOh ! And I learn about nosebleed 8DDD

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Yeah . Again . I know I'm lame .


<---- barusemalamcakapnakberubah="" p="">

<____ p="">
-_____- ~Sya , please~ umor da 20 kot~ kuboq kata mari , umah kata pi jauh dari sini !

But the temptation---------- I just can't resist my own interest <3 p="">

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sesungguhnya . . .

Aku tak bersedia untuk berubah .

Mungkin betul cakap ustaz .

Aku terlalu menyukai kehidupan ni . Bebas~ tapi masih dalam lingkungan agama . Cuma aku terlalu menyukai kebebasan ni~

Kadang2 cemburu tengok orang yang bertudung labuh . .. . berpurdah . . . mengaji lancar . Tapi zuhud je .

Aku ni ?
Dah la pakai tudung bawal jarang . Mengaji pun main langgar je idgham sumer . Belajar Syariah pun bukannya top student . Paling penting , x paham satu ape pun !

. . .. . . . . -sighs-

Hidup ni bukannya lama pun .
Aku tau .

Mati tu pasti . Hidup InsyaAllah .
Aku tau .

Tapi , seronok sangat dapat gi karaoke~ shopping ngan kawan2~ beli wishlist items~ Facebook-ing~ bercinta~
Aku tau sumer tu lagha tapi aku teringin sangat !
Budak-budak lain pun pakai tudung , tutup aurat , tapi dorang dapat enjoy sakan ! Kenapa aku tak boleh ?!

Dan sekarang , sungguh sukar untuk aku menjadi hebat cam dulu .

Banyak kejadian yang dah mengingatkan aku bahawa aku dah tersimpang jauh daripada ajaran mama abah .

Dulu aku boleh pertahankan seluruh kelas dengan ilmu2 yang aku ada . Tapi sekarang ?? Macam susah sangat nak ingat balik semua hafazan !
Ya Allah . .. sesungguhnya dunia ni penuh dengan pancaroba . . .

Sekali lagi , aku merindui kehidupan lampauku . ..  . . dan terlalu mengasihi nikmat dunia . . . .

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kos-su Pu-ran-nu de-suuuuuu

Am currently observing on this 

Mikasa Ackermen Childhood Costume

Ohoho~ I wanna try something new on this~ well , hijab is an obligation so hopefully I won't be lazy to search for this materials~

What about my Shinsengumi plan ?

I'm giving up on it~ I know it's a waste since I've nicely alter it and make it look fit enough but . ..  I've promised someone to wear on it .
And I just want that person to criticize it .. . .

Told him that I'll cosplay on Hijikata Tenko . 
Just a version of bit slim~ since people said I'm getting thinner while I'm viewing myself as gorilla ==;

Yeah~~ I tried of the costume again~ u know nee when I first puts on the pant , it make me worried like whuut------ bcoz it's smaller to fit my thigh ! But now it fits comfortably ^^;
Then I put on hijab~ wear the scarf all over , making it look like pigtails~ duh . Almost well .
Then I put on eyeliner . Still worse . Need more practice >__>


Ohwait . Did I said I wanna cosplay as Tenko ?? Ohyesh >.>

Tenko is Hijikata Toushirou's woman version and it appeared in Gender Apocalypse Arc . 

...........but my dream has gone . He's gone .
I just want to show him how good I am cosplaying on Tenko . And he's gone .
I will never have a chance to listen to him .......
.......... -sighs-

Maybe I'll sell the costume . Just costume and Sougo's eye-mask . Sword is not included ^^
Since it is custom made so I'll just considered as size M/L .
Maybe I don't . I don't know . Have to start on Ackerman's project before sell Shinsengumi's costume~~

Some people said I'm better be Ymir , since I'm quite tanned .
Some people said I should be Sasha Braus~ since I'm a food addict and funkyminded (whuut |D)
Some people said I'm resembling Mikasa~ military type woman , they said ==;

-ureshii no kao- ^___^

Saturday, July 13, 2013

劇場版銀魂: 完結篇: 万事屋よ永遠なれ [Gekijouban Gintama: Kanketsu-Hen: Yorozuya no Eien Nare]

Yia~~~ "It's all comes to an end . . . our world"

Rumour said this will be the last Gintama scene . 
But Sorachi does owe us more episodes on Confessional~ Ikumatsu's Father~ Kagura's Boyfriend~ andandand Gender Apocalypse 8DDD
So , I bet that rumour will stay as rumour~
Probably :/

By the way , Gintama The Final Chapter : Yorozuya Forever is mainly about future .
Remember the Timeskip Arc ? It does related~ as far as I concern la . . . well , people have their own opinions and POA so mind to respect nee ^^

Gintama Trailer 2013 Eng sub Kanketsuhen Yorozuya yo Eien Nare

From this trailer , all I can see is the same Timeskip Kagura~ but a bit more serious and sekushii <3 p="">
Somehow I started to like Kagura since the Hinowa Arc~! Her past slightly changed my POV on her ^^

Andandand------ I can't believe that the white hair girl is Otae 8[]
Ohwell , they just changed in contra . Otae in regular episodes is shown as strong woman . And . . in this movie , perhaps she getting weak or something .

As for Kondo , he is the respectful Commander of Shinsengumi~ despite of his crazy and funky attitude ^^;
But to see him locked inside a prison bar , it just rising the curiousity~!!
What happened to you , Kon-chan~!!? TT____TT
Most of my friends said he was upset with Otae's condition . 
And now I'm trying to relate it with Timeskip Arc again~ to see Otae and Kondo married , as Kondo wished (-_-) , is it related ?? No deshou ? So I'll just wait for the movie to end this curiousity >___>

Credit to another blogger ^^

Ohyess !! I'm viewing Shinpachi and Kagura as Kirito and Asuna !
No ?
Mkay .___.

Credit to Gintama Confession tumblr ^^

Okita-kun too~!!

Credit to a tumblr ^^

Much alike nee ??

Some said Hijikata become a betrayal . Some said he just proceed to the next level in National Police Agency . Some said he investigating on Tendoshuu and Joui~
And Shinsengumi no longer exist .
They said .
I just wrote what I heard >___>

Whatever it is , I was questioning on Tendoshuu or to be accurate , Oboro .
He was alive and Mukuro or Nobume-san was his ally ! So there should be no end for this ! I have to know how exactly Nobume-chan was before~ and how did Oboro being killed by Gin-chan~


Sore jyaa~~ will update this soon~

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ramadhan ke3 Terawih ke4 , 1434

Masih lagi ==;

Tapi jemaah kali ni memuaskan~!! Agak la . . . better than before , as I told in my previous post~

Walaupun bahu tak bersentuh tapi . . . entah la . Dekat la jugak jarak kitorg :/

Takde ape nak citer sangat . Masih lagi terkejut ngan eksiden sendiri . Taktahu la pakcik tu sakit ape tapi die memang bertongkat . Memule nampak die berbual ngan sorang pakcik ni . 
Pastu kawan die masuk balik dalam surau , die pun start enjin motor , terus masuk gear . Memang laju la .
Kalo die tak belok motor tu , alamatnye memang rempuh jemaah yang sedang menikmati moreh .
Kalo die tak lentang terus , kompem langgar barisan motor para jemaah . 
Pakat berlari jemaah 2 , 3 orang tolong pakcik tu .

Memule nak gak terpa pakcik tu tapi momentum motor tu laju . Satu hal .
Aku ni perempuan . Satu hal .
Kalo jemaah lelaki dah ramai kat situ , dan ade yang amik tau . Takpe la . Doakan je la pakcik tu cepat sembuh .

Tapi sentap gak la .
Sebab terbayangkan kalo kene kat abah .

Agak2 , ade lagi ke manusia prihatin kat dunia ni ?

Pakcik tadi tu pun kebanyakan jemaah pandang buat dono~ makan cam takde ape . At least , get up and give some comfort or extra help la . 
Well , even I keep walking like nothing's happened :/

Tapi dalam hati , sapa yang tau kan ?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ramadhan ke2 Terawih ke3 , 1434

Misi menyempurnakan jemaah bermula lagi~!

Aku sangat sangat sangat sangat tak berpuas hati ngan jemaah kat sini >[]

Nak kate panas , takde la panas sangat . Row depan je dah sampai 2 , 3 kipas pasang . Blom campur kipas siling . Plus , peredaran aircond dari bilik sebelah . Bukak tingkap lagi !
Nak sejuk camne hah ?! Sesejuk Fraser ?!

Akhirnya , aku mencapai alternatif : Dah laksanakan tanggungjawab so terlepas la dari hukuman kelak .
InsyaAllah .
Tapi abah ajar buat keje jangan separuh jalan . So esok , aku buat lagi . 
Akanku pastikan jemaah esok berada dalam saf yang lurus dan rapat !

Korang pun kene buat sama !
Ni sunnah Rasulullah !
Rasulullah SAW dan para sahabat akan memastikan saf berada dalam keadaan sedia . Lurus dan rapat .
Kerana setiap ruangan udara atau celahan antara kita dan si polan kiri dan kanan , ia akan menjadi ruangan iblis untuk mengganggu kita .

"Tapi bulan Ramadhan mane ade iblis .___."

Pi tanya para ilmuwan . Ustaz Don ke . 
Weih , Ustaz Don selalu tekankan pasal solat jemaah . Pasai apa hangpa takmau tanya dia ?? Pi la tengok balik kat Youtube pasal solat jemaah .
Saya galak dan syorkan anda menonton ceramah Ustaz Don . Memang bagus . Lengkap ngan kitab . Penerangan bervisual . So kita dapat memperbaiki kelemahan kita di situ .

Uhuhu . ..  ni je yang saya dapat jumpe .
Pepandai la korang cari sendiri . Terima kasih pada si peng-upload~!! 
Dapat pahala tau bila kita upload benda yang berilmu dan orang mempelajarinya . Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Kaya dan Maha Pemurah :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

"// I said I want to stay in FnD . The only reason why I am considering about SE because my honour and respect for them to know my capability of achieving such opp . I know happiness won't last forever . I feel it now . For whatever happen in future , I'm ready for the risk . . . . of taking the less travelled path ."