Monday, May 20, 2013

20 May at Federal Court

Hi~ Just back from Federal High Court , Jalan Duta~

I'm not happy at all so I didn't take any picture inside . Plus~ Court of Appeal in Putrajaya is much lovelier than this place .
Most floors and rooms are out-dated . Causing me and other policemen in troubles~ seek for the room =____=
Update laa map tuuuuuu !

So I was forced to join the judgement (perbicaraan) since I'm the victim in that case~ robbery case in KFC .
Yes~ the one I had last year~ the fake gun on head but trust me , you wouldn't know =____=

Nothing special~ I was tired from yesterday's event~ my limbs in fatigue (huh??) andddddd I'm not happy at all =____=

I don't understand . You did the crime and you said you're not wrong at all ?? Innocent ??
Rude say , FU .
Wise say , pimphead .

Luckily I bring along Black Widow , written by Jessie Keane .
It's quite a nice story~~~ interesting~~~ doesn'thavemoodtowrite "orz

Just telling ya~ when you did something with a partner and team , it is called teamwork .
Even though he's the only one who did that , but you're helping him .
I can charge you under assault . You're freaking responsible for the trauma I had , USOB .

I don't care the court gave me money or anything . Can you give back the 5 hours I spent , sitting in witness room ?? Totally wasting my time just for a criminal who doesn't want to admit his wrong .

Everybody have the right to have freedom .

Well yeah ! You've been transmitted into prison for countless of time and you still robbing ! You're speaking about freedom but you're the one who destroy it ! You're speaking about second chance and I believe your second chance is in the prison .

Turn your head to Allah SWT . Innalillah wa ilaihi rajiun . From Allah you came , To Allah you'll go .

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