Sunday, August 26, 2012

It Is Okay . . .

Ahh . . . sekali lagi hari ‘LaranganBukakFacebook’ tiba . . .

Ia hanya akan berlaku apabila aku tak dapat join mane-mane event yang aku nak join.
Contoh hari ini ; Animangaki .
Damn lerr . . .  I gotta make a choice between Asaban , Animangaki , Bon Odori and Comic Fiesta .
And so damn sh*t I choose CF !!!
I am sooooooo angry !!!! HUH !!!

But it’s okay . . . I am mentally retarded , well , normally , and let’s kick a start at the point where I should go to sleep but I refuse to .
I need someone to talk.
But it’s okay~ I have a blog. So I post . And I talk via writing 8D
Imma genius and I know it XDXD

Work work work~ why must the time ticks fast ?
I am still working , and still working on the final paper , and still working on the plan , and still working on my life .
I am so unfusionable , truly said . Love ; Tasya .

-bangs head , slowly repetitious- Hate Law . Hate Law .
Why am I so damn idiot for not deny the offer ?
Because my family and big family and another big family BELIEVE that this lowlife person can break a leg in legal field.
So damn unlucky I wasn’t and I even failed in one test .
For various things in the world , I NEVER ASK TO COME BACK .
I never ask to come back .
I never ask for repeating any paper.
Truly said , being there just make me a slave of knowledge .
How poor I was for fighting initially with irresistible wants~

But it’s okay . . . . I’ve tried to run away for 5 times and now by hook or by crook , I have to put this journey to an end .
The hatred journey .
Forever and ever , this will be my story of failure to be the real legal novice .

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi .

Plain .

I have a lot of ideas and things to write but I don't have time .
I don't know how to start.
And I am afraid that my words my kill others o__o

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