Monday, July 16, 2012

Up-on Revival


One word to describe my condition now.

I was blesses with strength and uniqueness , however , my emotion is beyond my rationality.

I was wrong for act like that but it is for everybody's good.
Either make things worsen or make things settle for good , I've hurt many people around me.
Sorry , friends =')

Somehow I started to accept this fate as one of my fault , which is for my failure , and my reason to stay strong.

I still remember this kind of situation when one of my friends who failed to get the result and she was down for days , as I could remember.
But now , she is standing higher than me , studying far from me , and better than me.
She , was the girl who claims her future to be nothing , and now she is studying abroad to be one of medical team in Malaysia.
I'm proud of you , mah sister !

And I believe , I could hold the same miracle , as long as I keep fighting for it.

I won't remember 'Give Up'

I won't remember 'Retreat'

I won't remember 'Tired'

To be like them , I have to stay strong and be stronger than them !

Perhaps I will continue my study in Diploma level~ oh well , I am not capable for Degree level =)

Perhaps I will stay there with my current job and teach English. I can take another MUET to improve my level.
It is my honour to help others when people need it ;D

Just now I know , my capability is different than others.
And they don't have my abilities.

I am me . And that's make no difference . Proud to be me ! . . . for this meantime =P

ANasTaSya's Post :

Saya dah ingat apa yang saya nak post sebenarnya . . .

'Sukar untuk kita bersyukur bila kita sibuk memikirkan diri sendiri . Tetapi apabila kita memandang sekilas ke arah orang yang kurang bernasib baik daripada kita , orang yang jauh lebih teruk daripada kita , dan kita memikirkan perihal diri kita ; alangkah indahnya jika kita mengucapkan syukur walaupun untuk secebis nikmat yang kita rasai !'

Sesiapa pun kita , bersyukurlah ! Kerana setiap perkara yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya .
Dan setiap ujian yang Allah berikan , setiap satunya pasti memiliki keputusan yang terindah ~ wallahualam .

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