Wednesday, July 18, 2012


‎-sigh- . . . .Malaysians are lack of manners .

Everyday , without single exception , we will face hundreds of customers and about 65% of them are rude.
Sorry to say but most of them are Chinese.
And compared to 3 major nation , only Indian customers have a nice attitude.
See ? I'm a Malay and to see this kind of situation everyday , you know , kinda like lost a pride to be one.
Mostly team members are Sabahan and they are always claimed as Indonesian by customers , which make them to get insulted by other nations.
I have faced many situations where customers did a wrong order and they yelled back and try to raise everybody's anger.
Now you know why some KFC worker beat customer~ thank you.

Instead of humiliating yourself , why don't you speak nicely and I can make a change for it ?
Easy maa~ !
I was once got an Indian customer who seems grumpy but actually he's a nice person and he being friendly with all of team members.
And a Chinese lady who is a regular customer and sometimes she complaint about our work quality but in a nice manner.
There is also a Malay couple who make jokes with us and did cheer us up with their very-very-very delightful attitude !
See ?
When you do good things to others , people will never keep it in hatred.
People will remember it as a good memory.

And more thing , please be nice to all people.
'Seek for resemblance , forget the dissimilarity'

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