Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am unhappy lady , and yes , I know it ♥

My posts for today~~~~~ mood: anger

‎-becomes unhappy after reached my room.-

=___= I hate my current room. Never ask why. Can't wait to leave~!! One day left !!!

I wonder what kind of ending will I have if I still hold such grieves towards intelligence~

Whatever it is , I know I can't stay alive as poker face. . . .

If the ending is not as happy as Wonderland ~ see me nowhere :)

If only I can say. . . ." Can you please lower your volume ? If you need a room , then please go to gazebo or friend's instead. "

=______= #Each of your words distracted my notes !!#

Maybe I should learn how to manage my manner in virtual =='

Oh, why ? Is it a part of netiquettes ? I realised that more I care about others , more they will act devil towards us.
Shouldn't they learn to hold themselves too ?
So, why ONLY me who necessary to do that ?

If the ending is bad , yes I know, it's my failure to hold what had haunted me for years.
Yes , I am afraid of my own species - human.
Yes , yes , gives a bad thought about myself~ I'm fantasizing of better world~ but sooner or later , everything will disappear.
Just like what happen years ago~

So I just don't give a care about it~ it's a good me, right ?

Tell me , what's left for being happy eternally ?

Want to be a lawyer for the last time ? Tomorrow ?

No~ I will wear the baju kurung which I wore on my first day here ,
the baju kurung that I wore on the day I got insulted ,
the baju kurung that I wore on the day I lose three priceless friends ,
the baju kurung that I wore on the day of my award, and ,
it will be. . . .for the last day of my commitment here :)

Then , I will decide my road. . . .like what my friends will do~

Why am I so care about myself ?

. . . . because in the end , it's you , yourself who you can totally trust.

‎-I can't study in this kind of condition. I need a room like 1034 ~ naturally fine for study.
Not with someone who keep on reciting notes and let me confuse with my lecture's note !!!!!! I NEED STUDY PRIVACY !!!!!-

Meeeehhh~ emotionally unstable~ I have to care *twitches fingers* about my friends there.

What's the point for care about others ?!???

I am so don't get it =='

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