Friday, February 17, 2012

Phone and Money =='

Had a slight argue with my parents. . . .about PHONE and MONEY.

Well , don't get me wrong. They bought two NEW PHONES which is both are not my types. . . .I don't like the keyboard-like-keypad. I want a Vodaphone look alike.
Well , I don't need any because I have already 2 PHONES with me ! Including this so all 4 PHONES!!!
And I told mom and dad. . .
" Instead of buying me new phones, why don't you bank in the $800 into my bank account? I've told you for not waste on something like this. "

My dad looks kinda disappointed so he went off to somewhere. Then my mom told me how he was excited to buy two phones and let me choose or let me have it all.
I was feeling guilty over my stupid action.
They come all way long from the traffic jam of Federal Highway to see me and surprise me but I greet them with what-the-hell attitude.

So, I hugged my dad in public and ask for an apologize. Still, I've spoiled the family mood. . . . .with my selfish attitude.
Now, I am trying to 'like' this phone. . . .I don't wanna use smart phone because it will attract others for nothing. I hate it.

I just want people to know me as 'kampung girl' here~~~~ live to the fullest~!!!

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