Friday, February 24, 2012

Annual Dinner ~:Evening in Paris:~ or AJL ??

Yeah~ finally !'

The fear of all Foundation of Law students have been resolved~!!
The fear of being ignorance by others for how we look , our appearance.....well, nama pun annual dinner. Baju kene la gempak !

That wasn't my first but yeah , it is the first time I celebrated with people who I know and be with for almost a year. In the same faculty , with the same subject and hold the same responsiblity.

Guess what is my costume~!!

# Dress from Australia~ my mom's
# Pinky shawl
# Pinky-goth-half-boot *raburabu*
# Black glove
# Pinky inner
# Inner veil
# Lacey flower *drools*

Hehe~ I was planned for cosplay~ but it turns to be exactly like the theme.

Almost all people said I look like going to Paris.
Even when I come out from the taxi , the boy said "Welcome to Paris, mademoiselle"

PEERRGGGHHH!!! Imma single lady so don't call me mademoiselle..... yes, I learned that madam is for married. And I'm purely single.

Back to the topic~~~ feel like going to class.
Dull. Emotionless. Restless.
All I think about is escape.
I tried to talk but everybody takes me seriously. Okay. Fine.


Everytime I cheer , Everytime I applause , I can hear them said something that not nice to hear~ huh , who cares?

All the performances best~~~~ except singing part.

Dadadadadaddadadadadadidididiididiididididududududuudududuudu~ nothing to say. Chow !

*I've make my friends mad at me. -sigh- *

Do you know that Anastasya is originatedly from Anastasia ?
Now , imagine this girl return to Paris~ the heaven of Earth , the scattered shade of grief.

Thanks to those who praised my 'Evening in Paris' costume~!! ....well, actually it's 'Evening in Harajuku' so I was kinda disappointed. But still happy :)
Sorry for behave like a child~ no explanation for that and sorry for not involve in photoshoot. ~.~

Tonight is the night to be missed and memorise~ because the night like tonight will never be replaced. . . . even in decade. Even by reunion.

Because tonight is the last formal celebration as Foundation of Law students.

Even in despair , even in hesitance , I shall recall it as memories that might fade away.
Even in ignorance , even in hatred , I shall be the demand of complete sequence.

Shall that be , shall that lose , shall thou keep in action of silence dreams. . .

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