Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smile in Cautious

A very much thanks to my mom, who keep on sent texts to cheer me up and my best friend, who tried to consult me eventhough you're almost give up~ I'm so glad to have both of you today :)

Truly said, all in my mind was commit suicide. But it's against my religion so I was hoping for sickness and I got that. To my friends and my roommates, thanks for shared your stories. . . .I am so glad that I still have people who want to see me happy. I'm so glad !

I've cried enough. Thanks for raise me up~ ♥

Oh yeah, I skipped classes with sick excuse.
Seriously I can't take the fact eventhough it's in my expectation.
Well , I do expect for my expectation for not to occur.... =___=

Darn it. I thought all my friends got Band 4 and still, some of them are not and we'll TOGETHER retake MUET~!! This time will do in my own school. Hopefully not as bodoh as before. Sakit hati.

Sorejaa~ prepared for Ateh's birthday !

I took one day for recover myself from such sadness~ haha. . . .such a long time.

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