Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To a friend . . .suicidal note

She's not a close friend . I don't even know her that much . We never talked after the separation happens .
Everytime I read her written hearts , I know she's in trouble . But miserable person won't listen to others . So I take an option to read and remain silence .
Her last words which contains suicide and world makes me worried . But I knew , she'll stay there . In the miserable world . Because a girl like her would just argue without taking a note on our lesson .
Until she's gone .
I had a feeling that she's committed suicide . I feel sorry for her . Even if I taught her how to survive , she doesn't remember me . It's not a very long time . Even them. . . . only some of them remember me .
A leftover will remain behind .
Who knows , in this meantime , I will come back , with a new personality , so no one will know me (I hope .)
Today , the pictures of our outing remind me to her . It takes a lot of memories which lead me to her blog . Thank Godness ! She's still here ! In this world !
. . . . . . and she's still not change .
I miss her . I miss them . I'm sorry for causing it to happen . I'm sorry for everything .
To her , please stay alive until Death come . Just do whatever to survive in Afterlife !
To them , I will come back as a stranger . I will start the whole thing with a smile . I will try my best to laugh and not cry .
To myself , please stay strong and be brave . -A.NasTaSya-

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