Thursday, November 24, 2011


Yesterday , I met mummy , daddy and aunties~~~ so happy~!!
First time meet daddy~~ XDXD

And as usual, we’re talked about our lecturers. On this second semester aka final semester, we get lecturers who were not taught as last semester. As I got their lecturers , they got mine. And of course, one of our favourite lecturer, Madam Z.

I was laughed like the whole world is mine when they told me about their first lecture with her!

Yes! She’s SUPER HARSH but REALLY NICE!! Her words might kill you but it’s a motivation for you, in a harsh way, that’s all.

They’re asked me how to prevent self from being asked by her or scolded by her. Super simple~ complete your work but not just complete. You have to care about your grammar, university-standard-language and please come an hour early. She’ll close the door or else call you to make sure you attend her class.

Super scary huh?

I was, once, came late (5 minutes late!!) and she closed the door eventhough she can hear us screams for mercy. We were so damn panicked and we kept knocked on the audi door. All she did was stand there , bows and waved her hand at us!

We were sevens and five of us were laughed like hell!
Who can imagine someone could waved her hand at us while we’re begged for entering her class???

But then , she went outside and they (inside) unlock the door and let us in.
Still, we can’t forget those moment so much XDXD

And yes, I’ve heard a lot of bad gossips about her… (Mane ade gossip yang baik, yang oi!)


Until daddy told us that she have a reason for that. And the reason, however, quite resemble mine.

She loves accounting so much but her parents forced her to learn law.

And that’s why, she releases her unsatisfaction and anger towards her students.
She did not talked much when she’s down but her action tells us what do she want.
She’s pretty cute and her eyes always tells a hidden secret.
And that’s the secret….

I was silent for a while.
Her story reminds me to myself.

I was 13 years old when my dad want me to take over his company. I was forced to learn Engineering, managing institution of engineering and being mature when I’m not into it.
I’m not that intelligent but every single things that I did, it’s not like all teens in my age can do it. So, people always admires my spirit. So so.
And who can imagine a 17 years old girl can join the great university in Islamic Law while pursuing based Engineering?
I was so stressed and I can’t simply tell everybody what I want.
My life, my everything, it’s all my parents.
And I know someday….
I will lose my own will….

And yeah, I can’t give all in and out. I was confused and stressed. I know I can get more than 4A.
Eventhough my English SPM has been signified as the Best Example for 2011, for the whole Selangor, and I’ve make my parents so damn proud of me, still, my super dopey marks are overshadowing me.


Why must I remember all of those harsh times?
Why must I let people know about me?
Why must I listen to others and not my heart?

People always say I’m stupid. Indeed yes. I am.


After that, we’re separated for Debate 211 Hours ‘s preparation.

I took all my orders and go back to my swamp~~

Debat 211 Jam??

You want to know my position?

I will be Yang di-Pertua and Penjaga Masa for 2 days, for 2 slots. Yes, 2 slots for 4 hours~

Mind to watch us at RTM 1 , Astro Oasis , Astro Bernama ,Youtube Debat 211 Jam UiTM and Utusan Melayu’s newspaper.

Wish us luck~ I’ve seen all crews getting mad for first 2 slots and that’s so hillarious~ XDXD
Starting today, we'll break our record which is DEBATE for 211 HOURS.
And I'm one of the participant; as YDP and Time Keeper for both Saturday at 8-12am.
You can watch us at RTM1, Astro Oasis, Bernama, OctoOnline and Utusan newspaper.
Your support is the best pleasure 
UiTM di hatiku~~!! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Night of Terror~~~Muahaha

-gasping for air-

Hah! Hah! Hah!


W-What happen to me??

I can't breathe! Properly!

Feels like someone is stomping on my lungs and break my rib cage apart!

-coughs , breathe hard-

What's wrong with me??
Am I facing the symptom of....STRESS??

I almost cry when I can't feel my inhalation and I can't close my eyes!

Have to

Tomorrow will be the beginning of semester 2------ I mean, final sem since I'm taking a fast track programme (foundation).
See? My second sem aliasmy final sem..

What am I scared of??


I failed to get the best pointer. Mine is the worst. Yet, people still say I'm the best.
They're still putting hopes on me....
They're still reminisce every single of my little victories that I know ,only SILLY will be happy for it.

Hey, that SILLY knows how to be gladful. God still bless us eventhough we're silly and dopey ;P



Next sem....

I will face two final semester , Law and Islamic Law.

Yes...I was too lazy last sem and both studies show declinationof my marks.
I was appeared as the best student and in the middle of study, I've become dopey.


I should never give up. That's all.

By the way , I'm waiting for this two songs to finish downolading.

Eh? What song??

Song of The Sun and The Moon - Sun Yi Wondergirls (Il Wol Ji Ga)
Love You Like A Love Song - SelGom

Why SelGom????

Naa~~~~ I have a not very good attitude towards popula people~~ that's all ;3

Perhaps will not online recently there. I have to catch up with Law stuff and too much Hikayatus to recite. -omgomgomg-

Demo saa~ I'll be back soon or later.... as usual lol :))

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whoever you are , Please remember your mom

Ahh~ in my age now , I've started to miss my mom so badly eventhough she just away for 3 days.
Can't imagine what will happen to me if she have to move to Australia for 3 years.