Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love Love Love....

Love is not how much you desire to hold your girl , but its how much do you want to protect her.

There is no such thing as love that could bring you to sins.

It is you yourself who make it sounds like that.

Do you really need a guy who holding your hand when he is not completely yours and let he touch your body just because he said I love you?

He WILL NOT do that if he love you.

Love that brings to eternity is when he found you are so special , so perfect in his eyes and how he wish he could protect you from any harm. That's love.

It just the same meaning with how your parents treat you.

They protected you from any harm when you're born until you are big enough to have another person to love, and you tossed away your parent's love, break their heart by let yourself being touched by a guy who is NOT-YOUR-HUSBAND.

Open your mind and wide your eyes....

Guy might say I will protect you from any harm but did he, himself tried to restrain himself from not touching his girl?
It is not against the law but it against the morality.

Therefore, if you love your parent, you want him to be with you, in a one named marriage , protect yourself.

They guy that you want to marry is a guy who understand you and a guy who can protect you...


  1. Tasya-chan's words really powerful! XD
    Rin hardly to understand it~
    But Rin only understand the part that protecting the one you love. ^^