Thursday, July 21, 2011

Judges of Life..

Yeah ~ the title!!

Can you predict what is in my mind?  No?  Then read this!

Judges of life are human, themself.

Now you know who. But why human?

Can you guys think? Open your mind and wide your eyes. Don't forget your finger, to scroll this page.

Have you ever felt, everything that you do and did is being dislike and like by people? To be specific, different people.

Some of them can accept you as who you are; your style, your appearance, your words, your attitude.

However, not for some people. They can't. Therefore, they're trying to change you into someone who they wish they can see you to be.

So now, trying to be different, just be yourself or faking yourself? Which one?

Of course, just be yourself can make a difference in your normal life. But being other also can make you a different person. Different from your trueself. And different from your true ideology.

People wants freedom. But you? You let others control you and decide everything for you. That's make you different.

Being different from others, which is, be yourself is a good different. Unlike the vice verse.

Got me?

Yeah....I have a different way of thinking, I know. And I like it ^^

Because it makes me feel different and special! Isn't that great?!

You, yourself have your own way of life and thinking.

Never let the judges of life making consensus and decide sanction on you.

You are what are you believe...

Sometimes the hardest choice is the best decision. We never know the future. We can predict but will we know the fate without hardwork??

Therefore, may you get what are you deserve in your life, my friends.

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