Saturday, July 23, 2011

Requested Post: Love...huh??!

Someone asks me about love and.... I think it's a quite interesting topic eventhough I know, most all of blogs HAVE this topic ~ :3

I had a conversation with an old friend of mine. Usually, we always had a quarrel and end up with 'Blah blah! I'm sleepy ~! Papai ~!". 
But this time, with a random post of mine, he told me his problem and I was like...."Whoaa ~!! My friend has grown up!! I'm so proud of you ~ XD"

Yeah ~ He's in LOVE ~~ <3

But I'm not going to talk about him. He's nothing, just a tale that I could tell ~ :P

What do you know about love?

Since I'm a girl, so this is my perception.

If you love somebody for his look, trust me. It won't last long. 

One day if he woke up with pimples all around his face and black spots on his nose, will you still loving him or you'll say "Get rid all of those thing before you have a date with me! Disgusting!"
It might be harsh. It is.
But that is the fact.
That kind of love never last forever. Because when you're break up with him, will you remember your memories together or his face?
Mostly girls will says " I miss his face...he's too handsome to be with me."
Oh come on ~! It's not love. It's a feeling!

Love is something that you can not describe! Like law!
Law is undescripable. It comes in natural. Law is a unique item that no one could describe but can feel it.

Same goes to the love.

Can you describe one word?

There will be so much things to say.

Love is hurt. Love is sweet. Love is difficult. Love is ridiculous. Love is blah blah blah....~

Did you hear people said Love is a word? No, right? So then, that's love.

People are experienced different kind of love and have their own perceptions about love.

Love can't be forced. That's true. So you can't force others to accept the fact that love is sweet, love is a pain in the ass. 

Some people experienced a sweet love story which is end with marriage. And happily ever after ~~ that's what fairytale said.

Some people experienced a bittersweet love story ( including myself  =___= ) and caused..too...much...trouble. 
Commit suicide, Brainwashing others about damn love, Assaulting girls... wake up people!!

Love is not just for boyfriend , girlfriend ~!!

You have a lots of love inside you. 

Love yourself , Love your God , Love your parent , Love your family , Love your pets , Love your items , Love your house , Love your car , Love your money , Love your job , Love your study , Love your friends , Love foods , Love cultures , cetera and GOSH! We have so much LOVES here!!

So why you should be sad when your boyfriend/ girlfriend leave you?

I mean...okay okay, I am, myself too, having a difficult time but at least, I ddin't catch a grenade for him, I didn't throw a blade on hands for him, and jump into the train for him... it's idiot actions.

God knows what best ~!!

If he/ she dumped you and never call you back or in a weeks later, having a relationship with other, just don't cry for him/ her.
They just playing a fool on you.
I've experienced it before so I know.

See? I've start blarbbing about love.... don't know what should I say because love is one could tell until they have feel it.

I have to go now.
And I start to feel that love and law is almost same ~~ XD

~: Have nice day, my friends ~ with LOL from Tasya :~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Judges of Life..

Yeah ~ the title!!

Can you predict what is in my mind?  No?  Then read this!

Judges of life are human, themself.

Now you know who. But why human?

Can you guys think? Open your mind and wide your eyes. Don't forget your finger, to scroll this page.

Have you ever felt, everything that you do and did is being dislike and like by people? To be specific, different people.

Some of them can accept you as who you are; your style, your appearance, your words, your attitude.

However, not for some people. They can't. Therefore, they're trying to change you into someone who they wish they can see you to be.

So now, trying to be different, just be yourself or faking yourself? Which one?

Of course, just be yourself can make a difference in your normal life. But being other also can make you a different person. Different from your trueself. And different from your true ideology.

People wants freedom. But you? You let others control you and decide everything for you. That's make you different.

Being different from others, which is, be yourself is a good different. Unlike the vice verse.

Got me?

Yeah....I have a different way of thinking, I know. And I like it ^^

Because it makes me feel different and special! Isn't that great?!

You, yourself have your own way of life and thinking.

Never let the judges of life making consensus and decide sanction on you.

You are what are you believe...

Sometimes the hardest choice is the best decision. We never know the future. We can predict but will we know the fate without hardwork??

Therefore, may you get what are you deserve in your life, my friends.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Story of Sand and Stone....

This story tells about 2 friends that were walking through the desert. At one point during the trip, they started arguing and one of the friend hit the other in the face.
The one that had been hit was hurt and without a further word, he wrote down on the sand...
       " Today, my best friend hit me in the face. "

They carried on walking until they came across an oasis, where they decided to freshen up and bathe.
But the one that had been hit before get caught in the mud and was about to drown but the freind saved him.
After he had recovered, he wrote down on a stone.
 " Today, my best friend saved my life. "

The friend that had hit his best friend and had saved him 
then asked :

           "After I hit you, you wrote on the sand and now you 
are writing on the stone, why? "

The other friend aswered...

         " When someone hurts us, we should write it down on the sand 
so that the wind can forgive us by blowing it away. "
   " But when someone does something nice for us, we should engrave it in stone, where are no wind can ever blow it away. "

Then, they hug each other and promise to take care of their friendship.

Learn to write down your pain on sand and to engrave the good experiences on stone.

       They say....
      takes a minute to find someone special, an hour to appreciate them, a day to get to like and love them, but it takes a lifetime to forget them...

.............Appreciate Your Beloved Peoples before They're Gone.............

Friday, July 15, 2011

From Tetsuya :))

Doesn't mean you were hurt you should bleed ... :>
you're not alone ... you just need to open your eyes from the truth.
and somehow
don't step back even you fall you don't need 
to stock at the same rock after all
you can stand own your own .There's a lot of it... just Live the way you are.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Sun Daily: Let's say no more on the subject (Bersih issue)

Let’s say no more on the subject

THE KING has spoken. He said it, that “street demonstrations bring more bad than good although the original intention is good”. By any consideration it was a neutral statement that Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin issued on Monday.
Whichever way it is read hardly anyone would disagree that it is an advice to the organisers of the demonstrations to avoid street protests and rallies as the collateral damage caused by them would be too costly, and could undermine and destroy much that the country has built all these years.
In a plural society such as ours it would cause tension between the races and worse it may cause animosity between them and also cause “a section of the people to be enemies with the government”. Because of this, peace, law and order would suffer.
While the “original intention is good” it could be exploited by those with all kinds of agenda and despite the best efforts of the organizers to keep their people in check things could still run out of control.
Indeed, the “original intention” about reforming the electoral system is good and it has been voiced by many people and organisations long before Bersih (the Coalition for Free & Fair Elections) made up of NGOs and political parties came on the scene.
The Election Commission had certainly not been deaf to the demands and had instituted several changes over the years, maybe not at the speed that some people wanted but it made those changes.
The demand for more reforms came to a head following Bersih’s formation and its first demonstration in 2007 where tens of thousands of people were involved.
In that demonstration, where a list of demand for changes to the electoral system was handed to the Istana Negara, several people were injured and the peace and order of the city were disrupted.
Since then more changes, not necessarily as a result of demands by Bersih, were made by the Election Commission including its readiness to implement a biometric system in the next general election to dispel the perception that there are phantom voters.
It is possible that Bersih thinks that the changes to the electoral system made by the commission were not wholesale enough or too slow and too few and for that reason that it planned another demonstration to take place on Saturday.
The fear and concern of many people is that the police, whose capability was severely stretched when handling the first demonstration in 2007, may be hard put to handle the situation effectively should Bersih and its coalition partners make good their boast of mobilising 300,000 demonstrators on Saturday.
Therefore, as the King warned it is in the interest of everyone to ensure that “this demand on democracy does not bring destruction on the country”.
The Yang di-Pertuan Agong also said that “when we any problem arises, we as a civilised society must resolve it through consultation and not follow our emotions”.
His should be the last word on the subject and considering that his statement has helped to calm the situation (the latest development is that Bersih has agreed to hold the gathering in a stadium) everyone else should cease saying anything more on the subject.

ANasTasya's Post: This means a lot to anyone who try to against the law.