Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sengsaranya hidup kat U...!!

Okay, I'm confused whether to use English or Malay for this section so I use both.

Everything was fine during MDS except for the timing and screaming..haha!
Free food, an exclusive bus, a booked place...what else great bout MDS or orientation week??
I thought everything will be the same after MDS but the reality life of IPTA student just awaiting for me and I fail on the second day...

I spent a lot of money for books, room appliances, foods (SUCH A WASTE!!!) and bus fare.
And now, on the second day after MDS, I'm suffer for money!!
Forcing me to contact Kak Aini for job, begging my dad for money and I have to walk quite far for ATM!!

Life is not that easy....
Until you face it then you know it.

Plus, I dont' think you have time for lovey dovey stuff and hell yeah, Foundation students will not have!!
You have to score 3.5 and to be safe, 3.7 ......in all examination.
Not only that, you can't fall asleep or you'll lose many information about Law.

So, I try to spend a lot of times with my roommates and friends so I won't think bout him.
Naa ~~ should I? Thanks for giving me such a hope but not a guy like you so bye bye.

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