Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sengsaranya hidup kat U...!!

Okay, I'm confused whether to use English or Malay for this section so I use both.

Everything was fine during MDS except for the timing and screaming..haha!
Free food, an exclusive bus, a booked place...what else great bout MDS or orientation week??
I thought everything will be the same after MDS but the reality life of IPTA student just awaiting for me and I fail on the second day...

I spent a lot of money for books, room appliances, foods (SUCH A WASTE!!!) and bus fare.
And now, on the second day after MDS, I'm suffer for money!!
Forcing me to contact Kak Aini for job, begging my dad for money and I have to walk quite far for ATM!!

Life is not that easy....
Until you face it then you know it.

Plus, I dont' think you have time for lovey dovey stuff and hell yeah, Foundation students will not have!!
You have to score 3.5 and to be safe, 3.7 ......in all examination.
Not only that, you can't fall asleep or you'll lose many information about Law.

So, I try to spend a lot of times with my roommates and friends so I won't think bout him.
Naa ~~ should I? Thanks for giving me such a hope but not a guy like you so bye bye.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blurbs Blarbs ~ XD

Yes, I check on her blog again after a year ~ X3

(HECK!! You sounds like a lesbian!!)

No no...~ I'm not... o.o

I just...she was my best friend. And I'm a fool for think that she'll write something bout me in her blog and heck ~!! XD

Such a hopeless....

I wrote bout her...because I appreciated her so much ~

Should I wrote something bout that guy? Shiak ~... I really wanna forget him and that's that!

So so...want me tell you bout my first love? Eventhough it's end in a tragic way but....it just prove a hadeeth.
I forgot how does it sounds like but I'll edit this later ~ X3

See ya...~ nite nite!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

You and Her Wedding Dress [ANasTasya's Lyric]

Every moment that we spent,
Always remain in my mind,
It has become a curse of memories,
Replaying all the things that we have done,
Before the sunshine change to dull.

Afraid to say I Love You, just afraid from losing you,
Keep the feeling silently, as the sun still shining bright,
Hope for the laughter and smile to stay forever,
Until she comes and gives me this fate.

Why did I not tell you from the start?
I wanna be your lady ~
Now you have gone with a pathetic girl..
(Can I save you, boy?)

No more laugh, no more love from you,
I lead my way in misery, agony,
I wish for your happiness, forever,
A faintly smile when it come to see

You and the Wedding Dress,
Oh you and the wedding dress,
Pretend like me in the Wedding Dress
Oh you and the wedding dress

Hate to be like this, Hate to accept the fact,
That you are gone and everything seems never up to date,
Although I have to try to keep move on, but the time has trapped me inside.

I keep waiting for the wedding to be decline,
But the sacred love and fate has been divine,
It makes me dying and spend days with crying,
There’s nothing I can do, to stop you leaving.

Why did I not tell you from the start?
I wanna be your lady ~
Now you have gone with a pathetic girl..
(It’s over now….)

You lighten up my day,
You brighten up my soul,
Miracles that any guys couldn’t do,
If only I can say “ I shouldn’t know you, at all ” ~ oh oh

Now I miss you and never ever,
Memories fade away easily,
I wish for both happiness forever,
I walk away rather than see

You and the Wedding Dress,
Oh you and the wedding dress,
Wedding Dress, Wedding Dress....
Oh you and the wedding dress

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Chance and Change

My dream...to get...foundation....has been accepted!!

I can't stop the joyous scream!!

People look at me with weird look and whispering each other but what I care is...I GOT FOUNDATION IN LAW!!!

Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamt to be a lawyer. I want save the truth and behold the justice.

People always underestimate my ability and my dream.

Now, I can show to them. I'm not just got an offer in Law but also FOUNDATION!!
Not all people can get this chance ~ I have to use it well.

Therefore, I have to make a decision...whether to study Law for a year or continue my Syariah while working.

I'm a stupid if I choose to continue study in Syariah while working but it's about my future and a promise.

It's not easy to get this chance...Foundation in Law.

What should I do?

It's my dream...ever since I was a kid! It's my dream to be a lawyer and fight for the rightful owner.

Solat ishtikharah...that's what am I gonna do. Then, I'll discuss with my parent. And make a plan for the shop.

I should never waste my chance!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Battle of Eternity Bliss

The battle has begun.

The King has awaken me, the Pawn, to join the battle.

No blood, no death….

No dignity, no insanity….

No intelligence, no weapons…

Only tricks work well here….in my position.

I’m the Pawn. The silence and the watcher. Serve for the King and the Queen to manipulate situation.

With love and lie….the battle keep deny.

Ego and trust…..walk parallelly and will perpendicularly.

The Truth and The Impostor…is walking together.

Who will win….the battle of lies?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Page by Page

People always said...

"You are so lucky! You're born in a bright family, you have a cheerish life, you have a good look, you have uncountable friends and less foe, you have a great imagination, artistic minded. Another Shakespear's apprentice!"

People thought I lead a happy life....never face any obstacles and loss.

Yes, I was.

But not after I reach 13.

I learnt the meaning of hatred, loneliness and how to survive from suicidal.

I meet my friends....who later become my foes.

I faced a deep deep deep depressation.....that only Death could feel and could free me.

Everyday, every minute, every second,....I hope for my stars to bright my life again. It took me a year to understand that they have become my history, to accept the fact that I'm alone, to stop retrieve what I've loss.

I've faced too much problems, obstacles and hardships in my life till I can feel the pain with inner sight.