Monday, June 7, 2010

Song for Friends ~ Anastasya made it ^^

I still remember
The time you greet me to your world
I still remember
The time we spend together
The day never be the same
When you're around
Because you are
My reason of smile...
Oh my memories,
Why're you hurt my feeling?
I've always want it to be reality
And I hope it can be reality
We can meet again
One day we'll meet again
Still remember
The promise we make to keep in touch
Never hurt each other
True friendship never end
Time are flew by
Like the rough wind in winter
Never leave me alone
Never let the darkness reborn
As you're my bravery...
As you're my memory...
* repeat chorus
It's never ever gonna end
Because you're my best friend
I can touch the sky
With you
For awhile....
* repeat chorus

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