Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad day...TOTALLY ><*

Today mmg bad gle!!

Early morning, I received a message from my best fren warned me from went to school.
But I hv to coz I wanna finish thus mural!

Then I was busy helped my dad n he ask me whether am I ok for not went to school n same answer given!
But when I took my key house, I feel sluggish n put it back almost 3 times 0.o
I don't feel any wrong but I feel something not right...
When I've reached there, I forgot to took my key house n my dad give to me.
Why am I keep want to left my key??

Everything went right till something happen.

There 2 people declared themself as ex student wore something like punk n HeaMtal went into our territory n smoked.

One of our frenz can't stand wth their attitude n reported it to sec session teacher.
She also recognized their activity n give them an advices.
Leena n I keep talked bout cosplay n so on...!

Then, almost all of us heard that they want to meet someone from this school.
So they came!

Teacher Sa'a can't let them in coz they break school's law.
After they leave, Teacher Sa'a give an order for someone to took care of electronical room which is our headquarter ^^
So Tis n Tin went to that room.

Suddenly, one of us heard that thus punk boys wanna hit Teacher Sa'a.
Luckily Teacher Sa'a was'nt in that room.

Then, thus tragedy happen.

Just after a half minutes of enjoyament, Tis rush to our territory of painting n shout out loud!
" They stole our bags!!! "

Immediately, I throw my brush n rush to that room.
I saw a guy wore hat n black t - shirt wth green strip entered in Gen2 grey color.
Thus 2 guys just watch me run past them n find out my bag hv been stoled.
Then I chase thus car n run as I can too get my stuff bag!
However, thus piggy driver drive like crazy in school territory n our security guard did'nt stop that car at all!!

I was frusted n depressed.
So I ran to teacher's room n ask for help from my homeroom teacher.
Till the responsible teacher came, we've caused so much trouble n whole teachers know bout it.

After make a police report n heard many cried, I'm getting wth thus morons!!

Marah kt ckgu jg libatkn plajar!!


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