Friday, July 17, 2009


Sometimes words are not enough to show how lovely they are..
Rarely acts can tell them how they are...

It's lovely to have them as my friends.
I learn to love and be love.
I learn the bitter of sadness yet the worsen in friendship.

W.I.T.C.H Pictures, Images and Photos

Hajar, Puteri, Me ^^, Imah and Farisha

We were known as Sweet Witches.
It only stand for 6 years.
We've known each other
Now separated forever...?!
We'll meet someday, remember....

1 years of misery, hatred, naive.....

I meet a light.
Not Yagami Light!!
But Puteh Nur ( Light ) Sofea...

Yukari and Miwako Pictures, Images and Photos

Me ^^ and Sofea.

She's my best friend.
Be with her is like float in the sky among the star.
Thanks to her...I met my first love...Asri.

Minato NAmikaze & Uzumaki Kushina Pictures, Images and Photos

Me ^^ and Asri.

Well, he's a patient guy...
The only person that can describe him is Minato Namikaze!
He's really patient till we can't predict his anger.
I do love him once but... I'm stick with long hair guy, Namikawa Reiji ^^
Who is him in reality??

I hope I was pretty like his admire.
So then I don't need to kill my love.
It's the hardest thing especially when I must kill my trustworthy to human...
...after what my best friend did....

God replace her with someone that understand me well.
But sommething that never let me know her well.
It was called as...STUBBORN.

Rider and Caster Pictures, Images and Photos

Emma and Me ^^

She help me in everything.
But I never appreciate her.
I always push her aside and run back to the dim world of misery and depressation.
But she always pull me from that side of the world.
That's make me have someone that sincere to be my friend.

Although she always bullying me and critices me but I must'nt raise my voice.
I wish I could payback someday.
Hahaha...I'll pay her back next time.

But please...never take her away from me.
I'm suffered enough.
Please...let this be the last and forever my friend.


This my friends ^^

They all are the most responsible people who help me along my studying.
Rather to call Senior but they hate it...!
They just like my sisters with different personalities.
When thinking more about them...
..all the moments were fun and really enjoyable ^^

ayame Pictures, Images and Photos

Nothing can describe her except Ayame Sohma!
Funny and flow like a river.
Nothing would stop her except for her own desire.
Daa...I told u that she's alike Ayame!

Ryuuki and Shuurei Pictures, Images and Photos

Reena and her...ehem, HIMITSU dayo ~ >.-

She like Enma Ai.
But she does'nt fit Enma Ai.
The only fit her is Ko Shuurei.
Clever, logic thinker, funny and independent.
She's really seems like Shuurei!!

Suzumiya Haruhi Pictures, Images and Photos

Zati - chan / I - chan ^^

She's my loyal junior!
Always stick wth me whenever we go ^^
Like Haruhi...... she's funny, out- of - box, full of ideas, highly determination, and cheerful!
Never saw her in bad mood...always optimistic.

Seriously I'm jealous wth her.
She have many times to watch manga....
She have what I have once...
Sometimes I feel bad for treat her less....
I should spend more time wth her!

Only if teachers stop give me homeworks..... -.-lllll

Next is my friends ^^

anime friends Pictures, Images and Photos

Dija, Shamin, Farrah, Aida and Izz - senpai ^^

They help me in their own way.
By knowing their trust and way, I regain to believe myself....

classmates Pictures, Images and Photos

Pretend like they were my classmates ^^

- SKBA : 1, 2 Delima ( 00 - 01 ), 3, 4, 5, 6 Baiduri ( 02 - 05 )
- SMKS 7 : 1 ( Cekap then Budi finally stay Azam ), 2, 3 Azam ( 06 - 08 ), 4 ( Account then Pd ) Science Tech ~ Science 3
- SM TAR : .....maybe next year.

...but the cute priestess is ME, ok??

Bleach Shinigami Captins Pictures, Images and Photos

PSSGM ~ Martial Arts ^^

I'm in Ranking 3 now...perhaps among the highers ^^llll

But mostly of us likes Naruto so I'll take two picture k??
Be wth them is the precious moments I can't forget....

Friends togeather Pictures, Images and Photos


Friday, July 3, 2009

Prologue: Yotsuba Kira ~ Change

Prologue for Yotsuba Kira

The sun shine brightly.

It's been 6 months after his death. But still, she sat on the same chair beside window and reminisce the past. Many advices have been told. Either her nor her future child, she must'nt keep stay like that.

Mitsuru Ito, the youngest daughter of Salvaski Ito Company, watch her daughter from back of sliding door. She worried about her daughter's health and her future grandchild. Then she was regreted. If only she disagree with their marriage, Tya will live happily with Hanajima Hatori, an excutive of Planning and Directory. But their marriage has make her realize how her daughter deserve to choose her own life. She feel sorry for Tya's childhood past which make her daughter must follow her parents without any excusation.

Dup. The sliding door closed. Then she can hear a women's crying from behind the door. Her hands keep touch her stomach. She can feel a movement in her body, the movement of her child and her beloved - REALLY LOVE - husband whose died before he could know that he'll has a child.

Tya sighed. She could not forget how terrible she was to keep alive and stay away from Kira. Near's promise to let her safe and sound from Kira's detection was success. But after Matt found her in Ito's Private Garden, she can't stop from begging to let her exist begone and her child save. She was stupid. It just Matt's fool to gain information about Kira's resistance.

That's the reason why she never go outside after the meeting. She has promised to live in safe and sound and give a birth to their child.

This child.... Tya frosten.

Let me show you how lovely your father are as his name is ' Lovely '. be continue : Doll