Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad day...TOTALLY ><*

Today mmg bad gle!!

Early morning, I received a message from my best fren warned me from went to school.
But I hv to coz I wanna finish thus mural!

Then I was busy helped my dad n he ask me whether am I ok for not went to school n same answer given!
But when I took my key house, I feel sluggish n put it back almost 3 times 0.o
I don't feel any wrong but I feel something not right...
When I've reached there, I forgot to took my key house n my dad give to me.
Why am I keep want to left my key??

Everything went right till something happen.

There 2 people declared themself as ex student wore something like punk n HeaMtal went into our territory n smoked.

One of our frenz can't stand wth their attitude n reported it to sec session teacher.
She also recognized their activity n give them an advices.
Leena n I keep talked bout cosplay n so on...!

Then, almost all of us heard that they want to meet someone from this school.
So they came!

Teacher Sa'a can't let them in coz they break school's law.
After they leave, Teacher Sa'a give an order for someone to took care of electronical room which is our headquarter ^^
So Tis n Tin went to that room.

Suddenly, one of us heard that thus punk boys wanna hit Teacher Sa'a.
Luckily Teacher Sa'a was'nt in that room.

Then, thus tragedy happen.

Just after a half minutes of enjoyament, Tis rush to our territory of painting n shout out loud!
" They stole our bags!!! "

Immediately, I throw my brush n rush to that room.
I saw a guy wore hat n black t - shirt wth green strip entered in Gen2 grey color.
Thus 2 guys just watch me run past them n find out my bag hv been stoled.
Then I chase thus car n run as I can too get my stuff bag!
However, thus piggy driver drive like crazy in school territory n our security guard did'nt stop that car at all!!

I was frusted n depressed.
So I ran to teacher's room n ask for help from my homeroom teacher.
Till the responsible teacher came, we've caused so much trouble n whole teachers know bout it.

After make a police report n heard many cried, I'm getting wth thus morons!!

Marah kt ckgu jg libatkn plajar!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday ago, I've an event special for Science Stream students so I can't escape.
It just a survey anyway...

Ma fren hs got a place wth her classmates so I took infron seat since I don;t hv anyone to talk.
Then Sal n Hana join me.

After I've finished my survey, ( really easy one!! ) I eat my snack which a gift from a proffesor that give us survey.
Then Hana talk wth me till she talk bout my old fren, Fea.

Her name...
She said Fea will come back from UK this year.
She'll be in my class....


It's been a year since thus thing happen...

It's all a teacher's mistake.
She worried bout our marks so she ordered us to did any correction wth marks paper.

As she's order, I' deleted marks mistakes in BM, PSV n Sej.
It just..BM marks is higher than my real marks so I change it...

Suddenly, after a few week, she entered in our class n burst out her anger.
She called out many names including me.
She just call my first name....!

I was confused whether it is my name or other fren name.
Then she shouted out my full name out loud..!!

All the called name were scolded by her and we were humiliated by went to teachers room n ask for apologizes.
It's totally fine wth me but when we entered the room, every eyes watch us.

All teachers knew bout the news.
Frthermore, she's Miss Buzz...

Everything change.
I thought it's still the same but my best fren left me all alone.

I was desperate.
Struggled for PMR.
Face new situations...
Whaddya thinking??

More worse, Miss Buzz did'nt ask for an apologize to me after headmistress discoverd that it just a minor mistakes.

Everybody left me all alone..
They said they're my fren but it's opposite..
I'm suffered a lot.....

I remember thus past.
A past that I've forget...
It's hurt me so much...

Hana said Fea talk many nice thing bout me in blog so I check out her blog.

It's all lies!!

She never...never mention bout our friendship!!
She...did'nt appreciate me...
Who am I in her eyes??

Nah..why should I care for her?

She's no more my fren...

Just someone that I know once.

If u read my blog, I just wanna tell u that how much u be wth me next time, I won't care bout u anymore.

Thanx for the memories....Fea.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Haha...what a topic..?!

My heart tense...
My mind mess...

I've recovered from my sufferness which is called Physchiatric Diseases 5th Stage.

It occur when we hold to many sufferness till my mind can't hold the tense.
Then ur body will begin to weaken and slowly u'll die...

But I'm save except for hvng the bad side of eat too much pills.

Bah..nobody love me so why should I let them know bout my condition??

Stupid Meera....

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm struggle to be among of them.
I want to be their friend

It's all just a mistake and
it has destroyed my life now...

If I could see the future,
I'll never make any friends.....
I'm supposed to be lonely...
and die.....

They're the reason of my broken friendship.
Why do they achieve happiness?
I'm the victim and...always be...

Sometimes I think that God is unfair.
I was born for darkness, am I?
Why is it the test He gave to me is hard to face??

I want a last longer friendship.
I want to be my old self.
It's a wish that I'll never achieve....

Why am I still here?

I must take care of their heart.
I must be polite with other.
I must sacrifice everything to other.
I must do....what I don't want to do.

Then why am I not born as a robot??
Without emotions!
Without feelings!
Without consideration!
Who am I?
A doll??

What happen in my past....?
Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second.
I keep reminisce about it.

I want to tell the world about what had happened to me!
I want to tell the world how cruel human have become!
I want to tell how suffer I am because of human being!

My research not just make me hate the world but also human!
Is there anything that can make me sad?
Until the day I'm dying, let me suffer more then.....

I still remember the day I thought I will die...
Before that, I had a fever after a month I've lose my best friend.
I'm lonely and badly lonely... soul is hurt....
I can't feel anything that day.....
I was crying...hoping that I manage to meet my family....for once!
I can't barely breathe that day.
....the day that I thought I will die.
And I found myself still alive.
Face a new life before the betration happen again.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Sometimes words are not enough to show how lovely they are..
Rarely acts can tell them how they are...

It's lovely to have them as my friends.
I learn to love and be love.
I learn the bitter of sadness yet the worsen in friendship.

W.I.T.C.H Pictures, Images and Photos

Hajar, Puteri, Me ^^, Imah and Farisha

We were known as Sweet Witches.
It only stand for 6 years.
We've known each other
Now separated forever...?!
We'll meet someday, remember....

1 years of misery, hatred, naive.....

I meet a light.
Not Yagami Light!!
But Puteh Nur ( Light ) Sofea...

Yukari and Miwako Pictures, Images and Photos

Me ^^ and Sofea.

She's my best friend.
Be with her is like float in the sky among the star.
Thanks to her...I met my first love...Asri.

Minato NAmikaze &amp; Uzumaki Kushina Pictures, Images and Photos

Me ^^ and Asri.

Well, he's a patient guy...
The only person that can describe him is Minato Namikaze!
He's really patient till we can't predict his anger.
I do love him once but... I'm stick with long hair guy, Namikawa Reiji ^^
Who is him in reality??

I hope I was pretty like his admire.
So then I don't need to kill my love.
It's the hardest thing especially when I must kill my trustworthy to human...
...after what my best friend did....

God replace her with someone that understand me well.
But sommething that never let me know her well.
It was called as...STUBBORN.

Rider and Caster Pictures, Images and Photos

Emma and Me ^^

She help me in everything.
But I never appreciate her.
I always push her aside and run back to the dim world of misery and depressation.
But she always pull me from that side of the world.
That's make me have someone that sincere to be my friend.

Although she always bullying me and critices me but I must'nt raise my voice.
I wish I could payback someday.
Hahaha...I'll pay her back next time.

But please...never take her away from me.
I'm suffered enough.
Please...let this be the last and forever my friend.


This my friends ^^

They all are the most responsible people who help me along my studying.
Rather to call Senior but they hate it...!
They just like my sisters with different personalities.
When thinking more about them...
..all the moments were fun and really enjoyable ^^

ayame Pictures, Images and Photos

Nothing can describe her except Ayame Sohma!
Funny and flow like a river.
Nothing would stop her except for her own desire.
Daa...I told u that she's alike Ayame!

Ryuuki and Shuurei Pictures, Images and Photos

Reena and her...ehem, HIMITSU dayo ~ >.-

She like Enma Ai.
But she does'nt fit Enma Ai.
The only fit her is Ko Shuurei.
Clever, logic thinker, funny and independent.
She's really seems like Shuurei!!

Suzumiya Haruhi Pictures, Images and Photos

Zati - chan / I - chan ^^

She's my loyal junior!
Always stick wth me whenever we go ^^
Like Haruhi...... she's funny, out- of - box, full of ideas, highly determination, and cheerful!
Never saw her in bad mood...always optimistic.

Seriously I'm jealous wth her.
She have many times to watch manga....
She have what I have once...
Sometimes I feel bad for treat her less....
I should spend more time wth her!

Only if teachers stop give me homeworks..... -.-lllll

Next is my friends ^^

anime friends Pictures, Images and Photos

Dija, Shamin, Farrah, Aida and Izz - senpai ^^

They help me in their own way.
By knowing their trust and way, I regain to believe myself....

classmates Pictures, Images and Photos

Pretend like they were my classmates ^^

- SKBA : 1, 2 Delima ( 00 - 01 ), 3, 4, 5, 6 Baiduri ( 02 - 05 )
- SMKS 7 : 1 ( Cekap then Budi finally stay Azam ), 2, 3 Azam ( 06 - 08 ), 4 ( Account then Pd ) Science Tech ~ Science 3
- SM TAR : .....maybe next year.

...but the cute priestess is ME, ok??

Bleach Shinigami Captins Pictures, Images and Photos

PSSGM ~ Martial Arts ^^

I'm in Ranking 3 now...perhaps among the highers ^^llll

But mostly of us likes Naruto so I'll take two picture k??
Be wth them is the precious moments I can't forget....

Friends togeather Pictures, Images and Photos


Friday, July 3, 2009

Prologue: Yotsuba Kira ~ Change

Prologue for Yotsuba Kira

The sun shine brightly.

It's been 6 months after his death. But still, she sat on the same chair beside window and reminisce the past. Many advices have been told. Either her nor her future child, she must'nt keep stay like that.

Mitsuru Ito, the youngest daughter of Salvaski Ito Company, watch her daughter from back of sliding door. She worried about her daughter's health and her future grandchild. Then she was regreted. If only she disagree with their marriage, Tya will live happily with Hanajima Hatori, an excutive of Planning and Directory. But their marriage has make her realize how her daughter deserve to choose her own life. She feel sorry for Tya's childhood past which make her daughter must follow her parents without any excusation.

Dup. The sliding door closed. Then she can hear a women's crying from behind the door. Her hands keep touch her stomach. She can feel a movement in her body, the movement of her child and her beloved - REALLY LOVE - husband whose died before he could know that he'll has a child.

Tya sighed. She could not forget how terrible she was to keep alive and stay away from Kira. Near's promise to let her safe and sound from Kira's detection was success. But after Matt found her in Ito's Private Garden, she can't stop from begging to let her exist begone and her child save. She was stupid. It just Matt's fool to gain information about Kira's resistance.

That's the reason why she never go outside after the meeting. She has promised to live in safe and sound and give a birth to their child.

This child.... Tya frosten.

Let me show you how lovely your father are as his name is ' Lovely '. be continue : Doll

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yang Terbaik. . . .

Jari jemarinya ligat menaip sesuatu di komputer. Matanya tajam memandang kea rah skrin komputer riba. Rambutnya yang ikal dibiarkan lepas. Setelah penat menaip, Asya duduk diam dan membaca apa yang ditaipnya tadi. Kemudian, Asya menutup computer ribanya dan menangis. Tanpa disedarinya, Puan Imah dan Encik Mat memerhatikan gerak geri anak mereka melalui celahan pintu yang sedikit terbuka.

“ Sudah 2 bulan Asya mengalami kemurungan. Dia tak cerita apa – apa pada abang? “ tanya Puan Imah. Riak wajahnya menunjukkan seribu kerisauan. Encik Mat sekadar menggeleng. Dia tidak sanggup melihat anaknya menderita sebegitu rupa. Namun biarlah masa berlalu kerana hanya Asya yang tahu masa yang sesuai untuk meluahkan isi hatinya pada ibu bapanya.

Esoknya, Asya berjalan kaki pulang dari sekolah. Encik Mat memerhatikan anaknya dari jauh. “ Pelik…. Bukankah dia selalu pulang ke rumah dengan Nur? “ bisik Encik Mat. Asya berhenti melangkah dan melaung “ Sudahlah ayah! Asya tahu ayah ada di sini. “ Encik Mat berputus asa. Asya memang sensitif. Dalam kereta, Encik Mat mengajak Asya ke Kuala Lumpur untuk menemaninya ke tempat kerja. Asya sekadar mengangguk.

Pada waktu petang, mereka mengambil Puan Imah di Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM). Mereka merancang untuk makan di Restoran Gembira. Semasa makan, ibu bapanya berbual sambil memerhatikan reaksi Asya. Tiba – tiba Asya meletakkan sudu dan garpu.

“ Ibu, Ayah, apa perasaan ibu dan ayah sekiranya kehilangan orang yang paling disayangi? “

Puan Imah dan Encik Mat terdiam. Zam dan Korie yang sedang menjamu selera memandang tepat ke arah Asya.

“ Apa yang ibu dan ayah lakukan jika dikhianati? “ Air matanya mula mengalir. Puan Imah memeluk Asya. Asya menceritakan hal yang berlaku pada dirinya.

Dua bulan lepas, Asya dituduh menipu dalam penandaan jawapan peperiksaan dan guru itu memarahinya malah menghinanya. Semenjak itu, rakan – rakannya mula menjauhinya termasuk Nur, sahabat sejati Asya. Keadaan bertambah buruk dengan tekanan PMR dan ditinggalkan teman lelaki. Asya cuba memperbaiki keadaan tetapi Nur semakin menjauhinya. Asya terseksa dengan janji Nur dan kenangan mereka bersama. Asya juga mengalami trauma 2 tahun lepas.

Asya terus menangis. Puan Imah dan Encik Mat tidak putus – putus memberi kata – kata semangat padanya. Pelanggan - pelanggan restoran memandang mereka dengan penuh tanda tanya. “ Kalau Nur betul – betul sayang Asya, kenapa dia buat Asya begini? “ keluh Asya. Zam dan Korie diam mendengar luahan Asya.

Malam itu, Asya mengalami demam panas. Bagai satu sumpahan, jika Asya menangis, dia akan mengalami demam panas. Asya kerap mengatakan dia ingin memutar kembali waktu lalu untuk mengubah keadaan. Suhu badannya amat panas dan Asya asyik meracau perkara yang sama.

“ Tragedi yang sama berulang. Cikgu yang merosakkan persahabatan. Asya benci kenangan itu! Andainya masa boleh diputar kembali…. “

Puan Imah menangis apabila mendengar kata – kata Asya. Asya benar – benar menderita 2 tahun lalu sehingga setahun tidak bersuara. Oh Tuhan…lindungilah anakku! Terangilah hatinya dengan hidayah-Mu dan ampunilah dosa anakku.

Sesungguhnya doa ibu ialah doa yang termakbul.

Asya terjaga pada esok paginya. Dia dapati komputer ribanya terbuka dan ada sesuatu bertaip di skrin. Asya bangun dan membacanya. Ibunya yang menaip khas untuknya. Asya menangis selepas selesai membacanya. Hanya sebahagian ayat yang melekat di hatinya iaitu..

“….yang paling penting, jadilah diri sendiri. Cinta bukan untuk kekasih saja. Cinta untuk semua…..untuk Allah SWT, untuk ibu dan ayah, untuk Asya, untuk Rasulullah SAW…. Ingat, bukan satu sahaja cahaya (Nur) di dunia ini tetapi ramai lagi yang boleh menggantikan cahaya itu. “

Ya….meskipun Nur benci aku, aku masih mempunyai sahabat karib iaitu ibu dan ayah. Asya tersenyum. Senyumannya ikhlas dan suci. Dia akan memastikan tragedi 2 tahun lalu tidak menghantuinya lagi. Biarlah perkara itu berlalu, yang penting kita belajar daripada kesilapan.

‘ Terima kasih ayah dan ibu kerana membantu Asya. ‘ Cahaya pagi terasa nyaman sekali. Sudah tiba masanya untuk memulakan hari yang baru…tanpa Nur di sisi!

Hahaha~ ni la cerpen ciptaan sendiri yang dapat 'Terbaik'.
Well , it is based on true story.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cello Terpilu : Ending song : My Destiny - Kanon

My Destiny – Kanon
Say goodbye
to those nights where I got tired from crying alone
Say Hello
My Heart begins to melt in the warm sunlight

this feeling that thinks of you strongly
changes into the strength leading to tomorrow

You’re My Destiny
the feeling for you trace down my cheeks as tears
and it overflows, unable to convey it into words

Say my name
putting my wish on the star shooting across the autumn sky
Say your name
so that that name doesn’t turn into a mere memory

no matter how close I feel you are
why does this loneliness just increase?

You’re My Destiny
I’ll find you even when I’m reborn so
please don’t forget that we loved each other

ah if I loved you
more than now, more than this
this heart of mine will break...
Is this Destiny...?

You’re My Destiny
the feeling for you trace down my cheeks as tears
and it overflows, unable to convey it into words
Cause I believe I’ve found my Destiny
My Destiny ( Watashi no Unmei ) – Kanon
Say goodbye
hitorikiri nakitsukareta yorutachi ni
Say Hello
atatakana hizashi ni tokete iku My Heart

anata no koto o tsuyoku omou kimochi ga
ashita e to tsuzuku chikara e to kawatte iku

You’re My Destiny
anata e no omoi ga hoho o tsutau namida to natte
afurete iku kotoba ni narazu ni

Say my name
aki no sora ni nagareru hoshi ni negai o komete
Say your name
sono namae ga omoide ni kawaranu you ni

donna ni chikaku ni anata o kanjite te mo
naze ni konna ni mo setsunasa tsunotteku no deshou

You’re My Destiny
umarekawaru toki mo anata no koto mitsukedasu kara
wasurenaide aishiatta koto o

aa ima ijou kore ijou
anata o aishitara
kono kokoro wa kowarete shimau
Is this Destiny

You’re My Destiny
anata e no omoi ga hoho o tsutau namida to natte
afurete iku kotoba ni narazu ni
Cause I believe I’ve found my Destiny

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cello Terpilu : Epilog : Kanashimi no Cello

Epilog : Destiny

   Matsuyama – san menghembus asap rokok. Berkepul – kepul asap itu keluar dari mulutnya. Dia duduk menghadap laut di Taman Hakari. Sesekali dia terbatuk apabila bayu laut meniup kembali asap rokok ke mukanya. Suasana itu membuatkan dia teringat akan perbualan terakhir dia dengan Ryo.

   “ Kenapa kau tidak muncul di auditorium tadi? “

   Ryo memandang tuan empunya suara. Hideki dan Matsuyama sedang berdiri di sebelahnya. Hideki menyerahkan tin minuman kegemaran Ryo kepada Ryo dan berdiri menghadap laut. Matsuyama duduk di sebelah Ryo sambil menyalakan rokok. Ryo segera merampas rokok itu dan memadamnya.

   “ Hei, apa yang kamu lakukan? “ marah Matsuyama.

  Ryo meneguk air tin minuman dan selamba menjawab “ Selamatkan kamu daripada pembunuh senyap. “

  Matsuyama tidak mampu mengawal kemarahannya dan mencekak leher Ryo. Tin minuman di tangan Ryo terjatuh. Badannya terangkat sedikit.

   “ Kenapa kamu tidak selamatkan anak perempuan kamu yang dalam kesusahan? Kenapa kamu tidak selamatkan anak lelaki kamu daripada melihat adiknya terseksa? Apa yang kamu fikirkan? “ tengking Matsuyama.

   Hideki membiarkan saja Matsuyama melempias amarahnya pada Ryo.

   “ Kalau kamu boleh menyelamatkan aku, kenapa kamu tidak menyelamatkan anak – anak kandung kamu sendiri? “ Suara Matsuyama tersekat kerana menahan sebak.

   Dia melepaskan cengkamannya. Ryo jatuh terduduk. Matsuyama kembali duduk di atas kerusi batu dan menekup mukanya. Hideki masih memerhatikan laut.

   “ Saya tiada mampu untuk menyelamatkan dia. Segala dokumen telah dihapuskan. Saya kehilangan pekerjaan. Selalu tidur di dalam kafe. Makan minum tidak menentu. Awak hendak saya biarkan anak – anak saya melalui semua itu? Tidak. Saya tidak akan benarkan. “

  Ryo bangun. Menyapu habuk di seluarnya.

  “ Biar Eri jaga dia. Sekurang – kurangnya dia ada tempat tinggal yang tetap. Makan minum terjaga. Semua kemudahan ada. Apa yang perlu ialah usaha dan keyakinan untuk terus hidup. “

   Matsuyama dan Hideki menyedari kebenaran di sebalik kata – kata Ryo.

  “ Walaupun kami berjauhan tetapi saya selalu nampak dan memerhatikan mereka setiap hari. 
Dengan itu saya tahu bahawa mereka masih hidup dan masih berjuang dengan kebenaran hidup. “

   Kemudian Ryo berlalu pergi dari situ. Meninggalkan Matsuyama dan Hideki dalam keadaan menyesal.

   Itulah kali terakhir dia melihat Ryo sebelum dia sendiri melihat kematian Ryo 3 tahun selepas itu.

   Matsuyama mengeluh. Dia mencampak puntung rokok yang masih berapi dan memijaknya. Jari – jemarinya menggaru kepala yang tidak gatal.

    Kakinya melangkah ke belakang kerusi batu dan mengantikan bunga segar dalam bekas botol. Kemudian dia berdoa sebelum berlalu pergi dari situ. Bunga jenis carnation dibiarkan dalam bekas sebagai tanda peringatan dan penghargaan.

“ Selo terpilu itu akan terus bersuara selagi ia mengenal tuannya. “