Monday, November 10, 2008

Link To Hell ~ Jigoku Tsushin ~

Everybody ask me where they can find all the links to the Hell.
It's easily to go to the Hell...

Just be freethinker and do all the bad's a key to go to the Hell....forever.

Well, this is the link to Jigoku Tsushin @ Hell Corrspondence!

http://blog9/. fc2. com/w/waine/file/jigokutsushin. html

http://www/. jigokutsushin. co. nr/

http://honk/. nexgam. de/jigoku/

http://roffel/. at/jigoku/

There are 2 of them that can be open in midnight but there are 1 of 2 that can't be open if you don't have any revenge.

Remember this Promises of Hell :

If you really want to send thus revenge,
Pull this red thread,
After that, you have make a promise with me,
Your avenge will be send to the Hell after that,
A two grave will be prepared,
One for the avenge's person,
And one for you,
But you will go to Hell after you died,
Your soul will suffer in the Hell forever!

Scary huh??

Just for fun....perhaps!