Tuesday, July 29, 2008

~: Letter from Mama :~

16 Julai 2008


Dearest Along,

I used to write a letter to my mom whenever I felt homesick or whenever problems arise. I know that it's very hard for you to accept the fact that one of your what-so-called best friends, has betrayed the friendship. If I become Sofea's mother, I would be very sad to know that both of you are not friends anymore. Why?! Because you are rarely to get and to be with. Just remember the times when you felt that Puteri or Farisha didn't want to be your friend anymore. How do you handle that situation, of course you were depressed, sad and you cried but you're able to go on with your life. Look at yourself now, isn't that situation similar. How do you manage to overcome the pain?> The answer is, be yourself. You have the right to be happy, you deserve to enjoy your teenagers time. The moment will come when you feel that it's time for you to grow up, be more responsible.

Along, I wish that I could talk to my mother now, to tell her how you all have been growing up to have your own identity, but both of us knew that I can't talk to her, she's not around. So, when your mom is around, talk to her. I may not act like a mother when we talk about serious matter but you can still notice that, that's your mom, that's her identity. That's how she talk to you, nobody will talk to you like that. Someday when I'm not around, you gonna miss that moment, when I was talking and nagging, and you're nodding but not listening.

Along, teenagers want freedom. Some find it when ever they hang around with their friend. I'm so lucky to have a teenager daughter who still feel that, her freedom is actually at home, watching Animax or chatting in "My Space", and not hanging around the shopping mall. That's you, I'm talking about. So, you have your identity, don't let anyone make fun of you.

Along, we've seen you grow up. When you were three years old, I used to lie on your small hand. Remember, we tried to do the Sailormoon jigsaw puzzle but we never made it, because, one or two will go missing. Therefore, in life, when ever you find that life seems too cruel, you felt so down remember, those who sat beside you, will always be there although you never make it.

Along, I believe in you. I know you can be a better person, better than anyone in your class. Yes, people called us stupid but that doesn't mean we have to be like one. Sometimes, we passed a lot of obstacles along the way before we're able to reach our happiness.

Along, remember that Allah is always be with us.



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