Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Editing Blog (1)

Dislike stealing copyright?

Copy this code!

<script language=javascript>
//edit by unwanted

var message="You've clicked on the wrong side~";
function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;

So far, it helped me preventing people from stealing my cosplay pictures and leading people to click on link given~ this is preventing right-click code

p/s: Currently re-editing my blog so I will share few things hidden inside my blog XD

Been a long time


It's me.
Well, I am too busy keeping up with life and there are so many things that I wish I can write and share here.

Unfortunately, something happened to my blog after the last attack. And, Adsense decided to burned my payment :)
Not only that I can no longer work on this blog with ads but my years of work has been burned to ashes. Like poof~ gone~

It makes me upset but I am fine.
I have made few socmeds so I can catch up with latest trends hahaha!

Anyway, I wish I can write more but I need to manage this blog again. Back to square. Sad, is it?

For those who have been following me since 2008, thank you so much <3 p="">Special thanks to my kohai, Icchan @Izzati~ one of my earliest supporter <33 p="">
Will write again later.

Probably I will talk more about business, international study (working on Japan application), my experience with ambassador hahahaha!, also few tips for MARA and Adsense~ haha

See ya!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Goal aku masa dapat Mara? Nak jadi graduan yang ada RM8,000 dalam simpanan

Sem pertama dapat hadiah 4-pointer. Beli laptop dan kamera. RM3.2K. Guna separuh duit abah.

Sem empat beli kereta 2ndhand. 6.8K.

Sem lima masuk pelaburan. Termasuk highway. Burn 3.5K. Aku doakan perut dia kembong makan duit haram.

Habis belajar, startup business. Jual preloved. Buat bundle. Jual produk kecantikan. Labur duit untuk self-testimoni. Jual Cellmax. Jual Viet Pore Removal. Jual nasi lemak. Nasi lemak makan modal. Things go wrong. Jual karipap. Pap pap pap now terhempap dengan pembaziran modal dan fokus yang entah ke mana.

Sambil jual nama pada SPA. Tak dapat. Jual nama pada company sedara. Jual nama pada PR. Jual nama pada logistik. Serik sudah dengan F&B. Balik semula pada education.

Last resort.


Haha. Masih belum berakhir. Masih bernafas. Sedang duduk diam, buat draft dan replan semua benda.
Things goes wrong.

So, relax jap.